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A plague has devastated the world's society and the government that's left realizes the necessity of rebuilding the population. The few women who survive are enslaved sold and traded and bred. Owned by their male relatives, they are punished severely for any misdeed real or perceived. Prima is such a woman, bought and paid for by Joseph, a man who intends to get full use of her, in every conceivable way. Prima is, technically, a postnuclear postplague genre story that contains extremely harsh, nonconsensual scenes of BDSM, anal, and the occasional touch of ageplay. It is explicit and severe. It may not appeal to all readers.

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Submissive Desires relates the tale of Simon and Maura, and the awakening of a fullyrealized DS relationship. Simon is an exNavy Seal and he knows what he wants when he finally finds it, and Maura is it. The problem is that Maura "thinks" shes submissive, but all shes ever done is play with it. Simon is the real thing. Moving back and forth between their first encounters five years earlier and the present day, Submissive Desires recounts Mauras awakening at the hands of the VERY dominant Simon. She struggles intensely between her love for Simon and trepidation over the path down which he is leading her. This is an extremely explicit and very severe story, containing intense spanking and caning, breast, anal, and genital punishment, as well as bondage.

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this between them. She knew it was wrong, but it was so very, very right at the same time.

Technically, Eden “Sugar” Maillheux had been Cash Daughtrey’s step-­sister for more than a decade now, but she’d never felt sisterly towards him in the least, and, aside from the fact that he took to disciplining and controlling her very, very strictly...

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Victor Scalia was no Tony Soprano- oh, he was a mob boss, to be sure. But the comparisons stopped there. When Victor had troubles with his immediate family, he didn't go to a psychiatrist; he took off his belt and dealt with the troublemaker who was almost always his sister, Patty - through strict, loving corporal punishment. But orphan Lily was, originally, too intimidated by the big man when the family adopted her. Now that she'd grown up, though . . . all bets were off. The perfectly behaved little girl was a thing of the past. And she was going to live to regret her misbehaviors; Victor would see to that- if she didn't get herself kidnapped and/or killed first!

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Fiery, independent Nola Hughes fought valiantly for women's rights, but never realized that her own were going to be considerably impinged upon by a father who practically sold her into marriage. Worse than that, her new bridegroom was an autocratic, domineering wretch of a man she'd taken an instant disliking to the moment they'd met. Brandon Sawyer had let his father and grandfather's obvious wishes for him to produce heirs to their vast family fortune go completely unfulfilled. No woman had ever so much as rated a second glance from him. . . . until he saw that pale pink angel with the shockingly styled red hair at the Vanderbilts' ball. Whether she knew it or not, whether she wanted it or not, the decidedly unconventional Miss. Nola Hughes was going to become Mrs. Brandon Sawyer. Not known for his more tender feelings towards much of anyone, including those of the opposite sex, Brandon found himself in an awkward struggle with both himself and his wife as those delicate . . .

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King Marston is a man with a past a gunslinger and a gambler. Typically when he rode into a town, he rode out scant days later, richer, but no longer welcome. Then, his luck changed, and the sheriff of Hell's Pass, the aptlynamed hellhole he'd ridden into, saw the benefits of having someone with King's skills on the "right" side of the law. He made King an offer he couldn't refuse be my deputy when I need a good gun at my back, I'll pay you well, and you can settle down. At first blush, King was not the "settlin' down" sort. But the more he thought about it, the more he decided he liked the idea. There was just one thing missing a bride. He wasn't going to find one through the regular channels, though. King Marston had some very special tastes when it came to women, and he found just what he was looking for at the Mercy Orphanage just on the outskirts of town. Aubrielle Cecille Hardy was eighteen and had done her best to avoid being noticed. Technically too old to still be living . . .

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Destined to become a "modern" classic of Vicorian erotica, The Little Miss follows the story of 18-­year-­old Lacy, who finds that her husband Edmond wants both a wife and a "little miss.­" In the nursery, Lacy is schooled by her strict nanny Estelle who is not afraid to spare the rod.
The story continues to include Lacy's friend Amy for more erotic fun!
Explicit, non-­consensual BDSM.

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Raina Boardman had it all - money, success, power, and all the trappings therein. She was the head of a company she'd created from the ashes of trying childhood, and she should have had everything she ever wanted.­brbrBut everyone has some desires can never be spoken aloud, and she had never confronted her own head on: she wanted to submit to a man, someone who would take her in hand and make her want to surrender herself to him. It was almost as if she had too much control - was too demanding - in her daily life. She needed someone strong enough to meet her toe to toe and back her down unhesitatingly - in business and in their bedroom . . . brbrHe arrived in her boardroom one day - a filthy rich, disgustingly handsome billionaire playboy who could buy and sell her in a heartbeat - and conquered and controlled it perfectly. She knew she was lost. She only hoped he couldn't see quite how much she wished he would focus all that power and dominance on her.­brbrIn the end, she betrayed . . .

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When Union soldier Aaron Denehey claims Trey Oaks plantation as his own, he claims Celia Weston along with it. Now she must struggle with the realization that her family's estate - and her body - are in enemy's hands. And in this case the enemy is determined to spank Celia at the least sign of resistance, but bring her to heights of shameful pleasure she never expected...

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