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Headstrong Aislinn Montgomery isn't used to strong men. Her uncle and father, the only two men in her life- care of nothing more than marrying her off. So when she finds herself wed to Lord Kell MacNaughton, she's in for a rude awakening. For Kell means for her to obey. Or else.

Kell, faced with a bride who was an inexplicable combination of virginal innocence and headstrong stubbornness...

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There was just no getting away from that fact that Holly Johnson was fat. She knew she wasn't cute and round, or pleasingly plump. She was fat and smart and funny and impish. Chance Thompson was, in a word, not. Very not. In fact, he was downright gorgeous and dominant and loving and supportive. He was always more than willing to lend Holly a guiding hand preferably applied with a painful thwack to her ample bottom. Was happily ever after with him too much for an ugly duckling to hope for At one time, Holly had thought her insecurities had been proven out, but now she wasnt so sure . . .

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What does a down and out horse trainer whose family fortunes have hit the skids do when an injury that is likely to become permanent takes her away from her beloved horses? She finds herself a cause. And Elizabeth Shelburne thinks she has a great one in trying to prevent urban blight from hitting the small lake community town in which she grew up. Her nemesis in this fight is none other than super wealthy businessman Vidar Gulbrandt, with whom she has a long history. Despite the fact he's always wanted her, he has also always thought she was rather spoiled and he's not about to let her ruin his deal with her shenanigans while he attempts to court her in his strictly dominant fashion. Vidar uses more than his hand to get a hold of his lady. But the secret that Vidar is hiding from Liz is something she could never have imagined in a thousand years, something that will change her life and make her his forever wife.

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On the first day that he did leave her loose in the house, with orders and supplies to have made dinner by the time he got home, Carolyn did what she felt she had to do. She had to make some sort of effort to escape. She couldn’t just accept what had happened to her. All she wanted was to get away from him – she hadn’t thought much further than that. She didn’t even know what direction to travel in, but figured that Shepherdstown was roughly due East of where she was.

She hoped.

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Being kidnapped and held, bound, in a closet seemed like the worst thing in the world to pampered Senator's daughter Abby Sinclair. But being rescued by a big, strapping man in black didn't make her feel much like rejoicing - especially when he proceeded to lay down the law - his law - to her in the most basic of ways: across her bare bottom...

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Embarrassed by what she'd seen transpire between her mother and stepfather, Cassandra recklessly dashes out into the night. When she spies a pirate ship at anchor, and a swarm of pirates scurrying on the beach like rats in the dark, she hastens to warn the island's residents by ringing the church bell. Strong arms grab her, tossing her over a shoulder as the Pirate captain hauls her back to his ship and his cabin, where she will learn more intimately what it means to be disciplined and thoroughly loved by a man. Anjel had assumed the little chit dressed in faded garments to be nothing more than a common trollop. He is unnerved to discover that she had been a virgin. Still, she is his to do with as he pleases, and it pleases him greatly to punish her while bringing her to new heights of desire. Only when she is gravely injured does he realize just how much she has come to mean to him, but by then it could be too late… will she ever forgive him?

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