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Due to her ability to out-­perform everyman in the village whether in hunting or in battle, no one expects Amber Lawson to ever marry. Her father is beside himself with her many disobediences, but Amber will not be dissuaded from her independent behavior, no matter how often she finds herself over his knee. One day, she finds herself in hands of the Norman leader, Cruel Piers, the Count de Monteforte, who takes it upon himself to take Amber back to his castle and exact some regular justice on her bottom. He is her enemy, but she can't ignore the fire that begins to burn within her when he touches her.­Cruel Piers, the Count de Monteforte, has been appointed by King William the Conqueror to govern the region. The English, especially Amber, do not take the Norman occupation well, but Piers finds himself amused and intrigued by the wench that thwarts him at every turn and also submits so beautifully to him. When his men begin to get too personal with her, he claims the right to her...

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Tall, dark, handsome, and successful construction contractor Jake Ryan wasn't necessarily in the market for a new relationship - but when he met Sophie McClellan in the skeleton of her friend's new house, then again at an arranged first date, sparks flew off the two of them like sparklers on the Fourth of July.

But why was she constantly backing away?

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Can strength, will and hard but loving discipline overcome a gentlewoman's anger toward the man who threatens to take over her life? Cameron Genrette was nothing more than a vile, classless upstart who not only beat her out of her rightful position as the head of her father's company, but also managed to manipulate her into marrying him. But Brianna Rose Spencer wasn't about to take all that lying down - or lying over his lap, although she seemed to find herself in that humiliating position more often than not. The scoundrel cowboy had no manners whatsoever - no idea how to properly treat a lady . . . then why was it that her body seemed to crave him so? Why was it so easy for him to subdue her with those blushingly intimate touches? She didn't want to love him -­she didn't want to even like him. Brianna fought her attraction to Cameron with everything she had, even running away from her husband at one point, as he tried to tame her to his hand.

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Nina and Gain Decker got along just about as well as any couple possibly could but Nina was hesitant to chalk that up to the fact that her husband spanked her any time she did anything he thought was wrong like ordering a newer, bigger TV just for purposes of entertaining their friends.

And she knew that when Gain walked in on her boss putting the moves on her that she should have just stayed put and duked it out with him, rather than leaving in a huff, even if he was being stubborn about it. All she`d accomplished by doing that was breaking nearly all of Gain`s commandments and earning herself an awful spanking, but she just had to. She hadn't ignored signs that Dunn Plourde wanted her like that. She hadn't.

Had she?

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