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Who said being a dominant Sugar Daddy was going to be easy Selfmade millionaire Reed Douglas wanted a woman in his life, but he didn't have the time for even the barest of social rituals. Tricia Barton flew down to spend some time with her cousins after the death of her mother, hoping a change of scenery would help her slough off the remnants of depression. She never expected to have her life turned upside down by her cousin's undeniably hot and very dominant boss who didn't hesitate to suggest that she let him keep her in a style to which she definitely didn't want to become accustomed. But one of the few things left out of their very special arrangement was that she ended up finding herself over his lap more often than not

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J.­D. Holt wasn’t at all what he seemed when he tackled Sister Mary Francis in the vegetable garden of her ramshackle convent near Deadwood in the Dakota Territories. But he needed a safe place to hide and recover and a convent seemed better than most.

Especially if all of the other sisters looked like this one.

Sister Mary Francis was sure he was an outlaw, a claim jumper or both, especially since he seemed to be all too ready to use that business end of that knife to get what he wanted, and the flat of his hand on her bottom if that was quicker. And when things blossomed between them, despite her reservations and his secretiveness, his wasn’t the only blood that was going to be spilled.

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When Kelsey Donohoe is included in the will of a dearly departed friend, she can't help but be shocked at the terms. The eccentric Calliope Jenks has left her house to Kelsey and Clint Duncan " on the condition that the two of them can live there together for the period of eighteen months. If they both make it, they split the proceeds. If one leaves, however, he or she forfeits the house to the other. It had been Callie's hope that Kelsey and Clint would end up as a couple, but how can the strongwilled Kelsey be expected to fall for a toughasnails cop like Clint While she is physically attracted to him, she has no patience for his bossy demeanor. On the other hand, Clint has even less patience with the headstrong Kesley, as she soon finds out when he puts her over his knee.

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