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Young widow Lana is sure she'll never find another man like Craig, the late husband who knew everything about her - including her need to be spanked. When her sister sets her up with a handsome bachelor named Burke, Lana realizes that her late husband wasn't the only old-­fashioned man out there. But can the dominant Burke compete with the ghost for Lana's heart?

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Gabrielle is a lucky young woman with two very good reasons to feel not-­so-­lucky on a regular basis. She'd just begun the amazing journey with her boyfriend toward the kind of domestic discipline relationship that made her heart (and the rest of her body) feel so loved and safe, when his best friend moved in with them for awhile. Over time the two life-­long friends began to talk privately about what this special woman really needed, since hiding the evidence of a well-­punished woman in the household was impossible, and found that shared a taste for this kind of dynamic -- and before long it became clear that they shared a taste for it with Gabrielle! But far from squelching their experiments into keeping her feeling adored, by firm attentions to her behavior, as she feared, it wasn't long before the prospect of having two disciplinarians in one house reared up, not unlike the way her deeply-­roasted bottom reared-­up during a sound paddling, and the offer turned out to be one she . . .

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