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It went against every rule of nature: vampires and fairies did not fall in love. But it seemed that Fawna and Daggar had beaten the odds. They had created their own little paradise, and Dag's strict disciplinary style was just what Fawna needed to keep her in line. But when an old enemy arrived on the scene and proved to Dag just how vulnerable Fawna truly was, he saw only one solution to keep her safe.­The long awaited culmination of his vendetta was the only thing on Max's mind, until he began to fall for the lovely Fawna, who needed a firmly guiding hand that he found himself only too happy to provide.

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When Hannah Cooper flees England to escape an arranged marriage, her new existence as al "widow" leaves her content. But when war hits the colonies her home is among those forced to house British troops. When she and new guest Wolfgang Preston realize his is the man she is to marry, she resists him. Can he tame this Colonial spitfire enough to make her a good wife?

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Honor Walters is executive assistant to Alex ben Said, CEO of a large American corporation. He's also the son of the king of Sakira. Honor, or Honey as she's known, has never had much cause to be involved in that part of her boss's life - until Alex's father becomes ill. He must go to Sakira - and as his assistant, she must come also.

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