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Mia and the Alien Prince by Megan Alban
Crown Prince Khiron of the Delinan Empire is looking for the fiancée he hardly knows, who’s doing aid work on a far-­flung planet. The lovely local female he meets on a stopover on Mars shouldn’t be more than a brief distraction.­Mia Langland has her life planned out. She’ll work another couple of years, waitressing on Mars, then she’ll go home to Earth to help children orphaned in the devastating global floods. She doesn’t want some alien prince messing with her heart—especially when he’s engaged to somebody else.­Will Prince Khiron help Mia follow her dream, or will her own deepest desires pull her into an affair that could ruin both of their lives—and bring down the galactic empire?­The Broadcast by Billie Hart
For years, alien technologist Alyse Pepperfield has dreamed of advancing human discoveries. That’s why she’s on planet SH-­17. To find the source of the strange, alien broadcast. So four years in, when a critical mission to the mine . . .

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