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A three short story bundle of Natalia Darque's Breeding Series. Over 25,­000 words of steaming erotica. Breeding Bundle Volume I contains the following stories: Breeding My Best Friend's Daughter Breeding the Irish Nanny and Breeding the Surrogate For mature audienaces only.­All characters are 18+.

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Kevin takes a job as a college professor in East Texas to escape his life. He looks for a place to live and finds a lonely divorcee with a room to rent and an 18 year old daughter.
One thing leads to another and sparks fly between all of them. To complicate matters, the daughter has a horrible ex that needs to be dealt with, and Kevin is admirably suited to take care of that issue as well.
This is a nearly 28,­000 word novella. Well worth the price!
All characters are 18+, and content is graphic. For adults only.

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A three short story bundle of Natalia Darque's Breeding Series. Nearly 25,­000 words of steaming erotica. Breeding Bundle Volume II contains the following stories: Blackmailed and Bred By Her Boss Breeding The Exchange Student and Breeding My Stepmom For mature audienaces only. All characters are 18+.

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Chris Jenkins, gets hired by Jacob “Jake” Goldman, a hard-­bitten and aggressive Dallas insurance executive. Chris steps in to help Jake run the agency when he is stricken with cancer. He also is asked to served as a sperm donor when Jake's treatments make him sterile. This is complicated by Jake's beautiful young trophy wife Gabi, who prefers more natural methods of being fertilized. 18+ only

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A three short story bundle of Natalia Darque's Breeding Series. Over 42,­000 words of steaming erotica.

Breeding Bundle Volume III contains the following stories:

Bred In Paradise: Cheating Housewives Knocked Up!
Breeding the Curvy Girl Next Door
and Breeding the Billionaire

18+ only. All characters are 18+. Contains graphic sex scenes and strong adult language.

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Melanippe, Queen of the Amazons is leading a heroic retreat from the defeated city of Troy. She discovers Greek warriors pursuing them after the battle and sets a skillful ambush.
The Amazons need men to replinish their depleted ranks.
Read further to find out what happens with Melanippe and the Greeks.

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Taylor Campbell arrives home from a business trip to find her husband in bed with his secretary. Coldly furious, she leaves immediately to get her thoughts together on how to proceed from that shock. The devious Taylor develops and puts into action a plan to get revenge, with the aid of a good-­looking boss who is active on the local swinger scene, an African-­American amateur porn movie producer.

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James McPherson, the protégé of a famous, but recently deceased Texas oilfield wildcatter finds himself working for the beautiful but strong-­willed 28-­year-­old Aspen Mitchell, the sole heiress of her father’s multi-­billion dollar oil empire. See what happens when these two collide.

18+ only, contains strong language and graphic sex scenes.

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Maria de la Rosa, a promising 21-­year-­old Latina from Dallas finds her promising life and college career cut short by a terrible family tragedy.

Her life takes a sudden turn when she is offered a job as a live-­in maid for the infamous Joshua Quinn, a dot-­com entrepreneur. What will happen when she meets her enigmatic new boss?

10,­500 word short story.

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