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This book starts with our hero as an old man, an Admiral now thrust back into naval service due to the ongoing Russian war. He comes into contact with a new young Midshipman whose Grandfather just happened to be the Admiral’s mentor when he started in the service. On the long voyage out, our hero tries to befriend this grandson of his friend by explaining how he survived being a midshipman.­The reader is transported back to the French war and all the dangers that surround that period and not all from the French either. There are some nasty run ins with the Press gang and British Seamen, not forgetting their so-­called wives.­His adventures, scrapes and later action as they unfold, take us initially to the Mediterranean and the French coast. His third ship was a captured Russian bomb vessel now equipped as a rocket ship. Quite an experimental design for that time and quite as dangerous to friend and foe alike.

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This play revolves around a young innocent recruit into the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic wars. It concentrates on his attitude to his fellow shipmates and the new adult life that he has been suddenly thrust into. This play seeks to immerse readers into the main character's transition from boy to man, warts and all, the whole story semi fictitiously wrapped up in humorous but earthy narrative.

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This is the third book in the series and here we see our Hero take part in three desperate sea battles. He still has his friends around him, but now he has acquired another friend in Henri, a Frenchman whom he rescued in book two. This friendship involves him in an adventure with the French Royalists and for a while, he is sailing under a French Royalist Captain.

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This is the tale of a cheeky young man growing into maturity, as this book progresses he is given more and more chances to take command and to prove his worth. He is mentored by his old Captain and sustained during this adventure by his men. Later in the book he is involved in a desperate fight that will make him assume the mantle of leadership.

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Around Plymouth Sound, smugglers and revenue men are waging open warfare; with the smugglers winning the battle for getting contraband goods into Plymouth and South East Cornwall. The Brown family now change their occupation from servicing the lighthouse into working for the Custom and Excise. Ben Brown and his son (another Ben), are now given a new cutter and contracted to clear out the smugglers

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This play is about a little known Commonwealth expedition to wage war against the Spanish in the Caribbean. This hasty and ill planned expedition could in hindsight be called a fiasco with both the naval commander and the army commander ending up inside the tower of London on their return.

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The story starts gently enough, with the Brown family going about their normal day, little knowing what the next thirteen days will bring. The family has a history of trade based upon the shipping industry originating on the maternal side. However, on the paternal side; there is a history of sea service within the Revenue and Excise service. The family titular head is away in the American Colonies and has not been heard off for a while, this leaves Mother Brown to run the family business and keep their position in society. There is the paternal Grandfather who is the Commander of the Watchful, (a revenue cutter) but he is in his sixties and this eyesight is failing. Then there is the son (Billy) and the daughter (Polly), Billy is at an age where he must reluctantly follow his domineering Mother’s advice and join the mercantile side of the family, (much to his annoyance), but he still complies. Whilst Polly is a wayward independent young lady, who has just reached an age where she . . .

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Another play following the Brown family of Plymouth through the centuries. This one takes us back to the days of Good Queen Bess and the ongoing fight with Spain over the sovereignty of the seas. It revolves around the theme of hatred and revenge and tells its tale through sea battles and mad commanders.

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This book deals with an ordinary man from the 21st century (Michael), through a fault in the Essentia’s admin database, being time exchanged with the soul of a dead naval lieutenant from another century and there is no going back. Later in the Novel after he has fooled most of the crew in thinking him competent, he is unintentionally involved in several bloody sea fights.

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It is a well-­documented fact that William Bligh flogged less than most of his contemporaries. However, I defy anyone to attempt a straw poll, asking, 'was Bligh famous for flogging his men?­' I'll warrant that most would answer, 'yes, he flogged his seamen mercilessly'. However when we look at individual testaments from the crew, it is not so apparent.­Therefore, if one accepts that impression of Bligh the flogger is false, perhaps other concepts are to. Looking behind the clouding of time and Fletcher's energetic brother, one can see a different story. Consequently, by examining the testimony of surviving mutineers and loyal sailors we find that it is Mr Christian, rather than Lieutenant Bligh that is the villain of the piece.­As Christian had kept Heywood out of the way during the mutiny and desiring that he (Heywood) escape the retribution that Christian expected to arrive shortly, he (Christian) must have compelled Heywood to stay, giving him strict instructions to surrender to . . .

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