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In this collection of three titillating stories from the deliciously naughty mind of Ashley Rhodes, you'll be able to indulge in some of your most secret fantasies. Including 'Forced by my Son's Friends', 'Forced by my Boss', and 'Forced by the Cowboys', this red-­hot compilation features women taken roughly and by force, in ways they'll never forget....

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You'll find three sexy stories in this sleep sex collection from hot erotica author Ashley Rhodes. There are over 13,­000 pulsating words of sleep sex action in this red-­hot compilation, featuring the stories: Using Her While She Sleeps: Stretching My Friend's Little Sister Using Her While She Sleeps: The Beautiful Stranger Double-­Teamed While She Slept: Her Secret Fantasy Strictly for adults only!

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Hunky college senior Trey has had a terrible night out. His friend Matt has gone home with the girl that Trey had his eye on the whole night. Despondent, well-­hung Trey goes home to jerk off alone, but when he gets there, he remembers that Matt's 19 year old little sister Chelsea is crashing on their couch. Unable to stop himself, Trey has to find a way to fit inside the petite young teen!

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Mike pulls into a motel, his only company a bottle of cheap whiskey and a head full of regrets. His wife has admitted that she cheated on him, and he has run away to this place to try and forget his problems. When he arrives in his room, he's shocked to discover a beautiful girl, already asleep in the bed. Mike can't resist her, and he begins to explore her body, hoping she doesn't awake.....

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When her husband Eddie goes away on business for a weekend, Ruth allows her son Brad to have some friends over to stay the night. However, when Brad falls ill and she's left alone with the three horny young men, how far will she allow things to go before they get out of hand? This 7200+ word story features rough reluctant sex between a horny housewife and her son's three best friends.

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Every year, one must be chosen. One girl, sent off into the forest as an offering, to secure safety for the village. An offering to the Others. Eliza doesn't know who the Others are, or what will happen to her when she finds them. She is this year's offering, and she's scared. She sets out alone and vulnerable into the forest, and what she finds there will change her life forever...

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Alice is home alone - she's housesitting for her friend Jen for a couple of weeks. She's also recently started to lactate, and the only advice the doctor can give her is to pump it out at the end of each day. When Jen's father comes home unexpectedly, he catches Alice in the act. What begins as merely curiosity on his part soon becomes much, much more.... This 3500+ word story features a lactating woman and a curious older man, sexy suckling, and some red hot sex. For adults only! All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

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It's Friday night, and Kelly has been forced to work late by her hardass boss, Nate. Thinking that he's already gone home, she tries to sneak out without finishing her work. Nate catches her trying to leave, however, and teaches her a lesson in obedience that she won't soon forget!

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