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A collection of erotic short stories with varied themes including menage and sex with a stranger. Thanks for the Memory by Roxanne Sinclair Lather up baby Carla is the first one to the shower cubicle this morning, or so she thinks While foaming up with her mango scented soap, she realizes pleasantly that she isnt alone after all Although she may need another shower if this handsome foreigner has his way Phone Jack by Landon Dixon What an exhilarating rush Poor Vicky is stuck on the phone with work again, but husband Jim has a tasty surprise in store to make her work day more enjoyable Fortunately, turnabout is fair play when Vicky shows up at Jims work with a surprise of her own Arlene by N. Vasco Arlenes husband Mark has taken care of everything, hotel reservations, dinner at a 5 star restaurant, even a sexy outfit for Arlenes yoga sculpted body to wear, but when Marks long lost buddy Phil joins them for dinner, Arlene learns the true meaning of double your pleasure, double your . . .

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