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This is a silly number and shapes educational book. The numbers are 1-­20 and shapes from 10-­20. Silly ways to teach your child that will help them learn easy.

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This is a story about how a boy who comes in contact with a mean dragon but wants to change him to be nice. Can he? Go on his journey of danger and adventure.

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This is a dragon alphabet book. Children learn through fun pictures. If you want to remember something or want your child to learn the basic alphabet, then learning through silly pictures is the best way. Here your child can learn the alphabet through funny dragon images.

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Once upon a time there lived a terrible dragon, who came out of the North, and lands were destroyed in parts of the country, devouring both men and animals; and this monster was so destructive that it was feared that unless help came no living creature would be left on the face of the earth.

Take the journey of how Geoffrey was able to destroy this wicked dragon with a secret weapon.

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I believe in this life we all should be happy. We should be helping people and making other people laugh and be happy.

This is what this children's book is about. Each picture shows some kind of laughter and phrases to inspire and remind us laughter is important for our life and health.

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This is a short story with pictures about how a crab and sly monkey get along initially and how the monkey was sneaky and greedy as the story goes on. The monkey did a bad thing but do they ever become friends? Enjoy the journey.

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This is a story about 3 magical Doves who are disguised as magical dogs and how they help a young man save a Princess from being sacrificed to a dragon.

Go on the journey to see how this story unfolds and what happens to the young man and the Princess.

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You can live a healthy, youthful and fit life by using one of the the most nutritious potion known for over 5,­000 years. What Secrets Do Helen of Troy and Cleopatra know about Apple Cider Vinegar.

Learn how apple cider vinegar can help your arthritis, weight loss, asthma, insomnia, colds and flues, stress, allergies, fatigue, reduce wrinkles, shiny hair and more.

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This is a funny story about how a young girl who couldn't read well and a talking dolphin who liked licorice taught her how to read.

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The Little Basketball Player The Linnell Basketball Player The Little Football Player That Could These are stories about how a player whether basketball or football can win. Like the little train that could, these players say to themselves, "I think I can, I think I can, I know I can.­"

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