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What if suddenly every hot guy wanted you? The curvy, eternally-­awkward wallflower, Sakina Lightbourn, knows exactly what that’s like. Picked on, or even worse, flat-­out ignored by every member of the opposite sex since puberty, she’s dragged across the globe to a new school in the hauntingly beautifully Bahamas. Her first day was no paradise, though. Accused of stealing some sort of werewolf medallion, bullied, and then getting into a fight with her mom, things couldn’t have gone worse. But then she meets Dax, the super sexy boy from her class who has more than just animal magnetism. One mysterious night with him and everything changes. Now she’s strong, confident and every hot guy wants her. But, was it a good idea to attract the attention of the dark, bruting Lane Lafleur? Sure, he’s gorgeous and built like a Greek god, but he’s as hot as he is dangerous. And when he pulls up to her house one full-­moon demanding that she go with him, she isn’t prepared for where he would take . . .

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What if you had to choose between a guy who gives you everything you want, and a guy who gives you everything you need? The curvy, former wallflower, Sakina Lightbourn, never imagined what her life would become when she met Dax, the super-­sexy boy from her class. She couldn’t have imagined being caught in the middle of a werewolf pack war; nor could she guess whose side she would be on. Certainly the dark and bruting Lane Lafleur made her body quiver with his rippling hotness, but how could she turn down a guy with his own island… especially when being caged during her last turn almost drove her insane? But as the next full moon approaches like a thousand marching footsteps, will this be when she gives up on her love? Or, will she do the unexpected and fight for him? How far will she go to get the guy she loves in the place she needs him? And who will she sacrifice to get it? With the full moon rising and the tension reaching climax, will Sakina finally become the person she . . .

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Emma Cole retourne chez elle après son séjour à Dubaï et sa rencontre avec Nadeem, lorsque son nom est prononcé dans les enceintes de l’avion. Un avion royal et le Sheikh l’attendent. Est-­ce Nadeem, ou l’homme beau et mystérieux de ses rêves ? Et si ce n’est pas Nadeem, que fera alors ce nouveau mâle alpha pour faire vaciller la loyauté d’Emma envers son maître royal ? Et pourquoi fait-­il ça ?

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Emma Cole was adventurous at all things but sex. But when she arrives in Dubai and meets a gorgeous, wavy haired stranger, her heated body screams out for him. Falling captive to his powerful sexual dominance, Emma must decide to submit or risk punishment from the alpha male whose will slowly consumes her own.

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Attending a masquerade party with his girlfriend, Ayden meets Austin, a party-­goer that looks and is dressed exactly like him. Feeling a mysterious connection with Austin, Ayden and his girlfriend go back to the gorgeous couple’s apartment for a sexual adventure. When the girls disappear into the bedroom, the two sexy masked men unveil a secret and cross boundaries that should never be crossed.

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Natasha Lord is a journalist student who travels to her European homeland to bring down its dictator. But caught for spying, she is given a choice; life in prison, or complete submission to the gorgeous dictator’s powerful sexual appetite. Now she must unravel the dictator’s secrets before his will consumes her own.

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Caden lleva a Cloe, su novia ninfómana, cuando se adentra en la casa de su papi. Atrapados por su padre luego de que Cloe convence a Caden de tener sexo. Su padre se da cuenta de que no necesita un arma para hacer que los dos sexi chicos de 19 años tomen turnos con su gigante herramienta de nueve pulgadas.

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Jenny’s breasts drip with milk, especially when she masturbates. So when her sex starved husband catches her pleasuring herself, she finds another way to feed his desire until they can again have sex. And discovering that her husband likes to be sprayed with her milk, Jenny gets her husband very wet.

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