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Kevin Flaherty's life really sucks. He's already been laid off from his job, compelled to sell his motorcycle, and now faces eviction from his apartment. Things can hardly get worse. Now, forced to work a lowpaying job at a car wash and barely surviving, Kevin is too embarrassed to even tell his friends. Hotshot lawyer, Michael Bennett, comes into the car wash to have his Maserati cleaned. Kevin knows Michael well. When Kevin was fifteen, an openly gay twentyoneyearold Michael was Kevin's dream. But when the teenaged Kevin made his move, Michael rejected the young man. Nine years have passed and Michael is surprised how attracted he is to Kevin. He soon takes him out, then takes him home. This time the beautiful man is not too young. When he learns of Kevin's situation, a smitten Michael makes it his job to clean up the disaster that Kevin's life has become. But his takecharge, bossy way irritates a sensitive Kevin, who starts a fight, ending in the breakup of their budding . . .

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Brad Callahan has lived with regret for thirteen years. In college, he broke Justin Lowes heart by cheating. Justin hasnt spoken to him since, but his love for Brad never died even if some wounds never heal. When Brads paramedic unit is called to an accident, he finds Justin in the wrecked car. Still in love with Justin, Brad visits his former lover and well-­known mystery writer in the hospital. When Justin reveals he believes he was forced off the road and has been receiving ominous letters, Brad takes Justin home. Passion long held back ignites and they cannot resist being in each others arms. With someone wanting to tear them apart and Justins inability to trust Brad again, will love be enough to unite them forever?

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Gay but in the closet, Jacob Butler has made a big mistake. He's fallen in love with his friend, Walt Donnelly, who is not only Jacob's business partner, but also straight. After a drunken kiss that turns to more, he realizes his business partner is bisexual. Walt, however, makes it clear he isn't interested in anything serious with Jacob or any man. Broken hearted and afraid he'll always be alone, Jacob tries to forget his attraction to his friend. Walt has always assumed he knew what his future would contain. But his night with Jacob makes him question exactly who he wants forever with... Be Warned mm sex

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Beautiful model and actor Mason Adams rents a beach house for the summer in a seaside town to get away from his fast-­paced, partying lifestyle in Los Angeles. After Mason nearly died from a drug overdose and served time in rehab, his agent is convinced the quiet life is the perfect way to get Masons life and career back on track. Mason, however, isnt sure the sedate life is for himuntil he meets his neighbor, crime fiction author John Harding. Forced to retire from the fire department after a career-­ending injury, John has found a new life in a modest beach house as a best-­selling novelist. Life is good, but quiet and not exactly exciting, until Mason comes to stay next door for the summer. Unable to resist the allure they feel for each other, Mason and John begin a torrid affair. But once the summer comes to an end, Mason knows hell have to face a monumental decisionchoosing between exciting new career opportunities and his new life with the man who has stolen his heart.

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