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The sequel to Taking Kelsey

Two weeks after Kelsey's first run-­in with Deputy Jack Thompson - when she lost her virginity and her innocence - he pulls her over late at night on a lonely country road for speeding. She's not sure how to react. Is he going to give her a ticket, or does the sexy deputy have something else in mind?

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Nineteen-­year-­old Jenna babysits because the money is great and the hours don't interfere with her classes. It also lets her spend a lot of time around hot, older guys who know exactly how to satisfy a girl. When her latest client, David, starts putting in lots of late nights and weekends because of a promotion, Jenna decides that she's the perfect way for him to unwind after a long, hard day at the office. To do that she's willing to put in some steamy, sweaty overtime that she won't be charging him for.
4400 words. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Stealing Dad's Best Friend and Naughty Neighbors, and Brooklyn Reese's Seducing the Daddy.­(less)

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Babysitter Diaries #2 Nineteen-­year-­old Jenna is back and babysitting for a new boss who is so sexy that she gets wet and quivering just being in the same room with him, even if he is old enough to be her dad. Two weeks into the job, though, the nice guy she went to work for does a Jeckyll-­and-­Hyde transformation into a total jerk. Jenna can't understand why he changed until she discovers a clue that convinces her it's all just an act, and that her boss is just trying to hide the fact that he's dying to get into Jenna's panties. Determined to get to the bottom of things, she sets out to tame the beast and satisfy her own animal urges at the same time. 4800 words. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories The Babysitter's Seduction, Jenna Makes Three, and The Babysitter's Dilemma, and Brooklyn Reese's Lesson in Lust.

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Gwen is dying to pounce on her dad's hot best friend, Daniel, but with her dad in the way all the time she never has a chance. Then a family emergency calls her parents out of town, leaving Gwen with the house and pool to herself. And when Daniel comes by the house looking for her dad, Gwen decides there's never going to be a better chance to take a joyride on "Uncle Dan's" hard cock.

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Brandi is curious about sex, but she's a preacher's daughter and she knows it's a sin. Her best friend's brother Alex is temptation personified, though, and she can't resist him. When Alex finds Brandi passed out in his bed he isn't sure what to do. The gentleman in him is ready to head for the couch, but darker suggestions whisper from deep inside him. Will he take her virginity as she sleeps?

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Babysitter Diaries #4 Christmas with the parents is tough when your boyfriends tend to be the same age as your dad, and this year Jenna is breaking in a guy her own age who she hopes her parents will approve of. But when her hot former tennis coach calls her two weeks before Christmas with a babysitting emergency, Jenna finds herself trying to decide what's more important - pleasing her parents, or satisfying the throbbing desire awakened by a man old enough to be her father. 5450 words. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories The Babysitter's Seduction, Babysitter and the Beast, Jenna Makes Three, and Brooklyn Reese's My Best Friend's Dad.

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"I've always had a thing for older guys - usually much older guys. They're like my kryptonite or something - sexy older guy walks by and my knees get weak and good sense goes right out the window.­"

20,­100 words. Collection includes: The Babysitter's Seduction, Babysitter and the Beast, Jenna Makes Three, and The Babysitter's Dilemma.

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She was going to have Ryan even if she had to tie him up to do it.

Hailey and Ryan grew up together, but when she asks if she can move in for a couple of months after her roommate bails he's less than enthusiastic. Although she tries everything she can think of to make him happy, Ryan keeps giving her the cold shoulder. But one night she overhears him doing something incredibly naughty that makes her think she's not the only one having wicked, taboo thoughts. How far will Hailey go to warm Ryan up to the idea of living out their forbidden fantasies?

8000 word erotica short story about dress shirts, paper-­thin walls, and lots of very taboo fun. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories Luring Lesley, Straight A Student, Sharing Lindsay, and Alyssa.

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Kelsey is 19 and so innocent that she's hardly kissed a boy before. When her ride gets pulled over for DUI she knows it's all over for her. Her daddy will kick her out, and she's sure she'll end up in jail. But Deputy Jack Thompson says he'll keep her out of trouble--­for a price. Will Kelsey trade her virginity for an alibi? And will Jack take pity on her when he finds out she's not on the pill?

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When Melanie's Mom finds her vibrator she decides enough is enough. It's time to move out, and when her two older kinsmen offer her a place to stay she jumps at the chance. They have always been there to protect her and to take care of her, and Melanie can think of nothing better than getting to hang out with them again. But things have changed - the looks they're giving her aren't exactly innocent, and neither are the thoughts she's having about those two beach-­bronzed hunks. She just can't make up her mind whether she prefers Jacob, the older and more passionate one, or Keith, who is younger and more sophisticated. What if she decides she wants them both? 9900 word erotica short story. Includes excerpts from the Kelli Wolfe stories,,, and. EXCERPT That night they took me out to dinner and fed me steak, and we spent most of the next day at the beach. Both of them had taken a few days off to be able to hang out with me, and that first week passed in a whirlwind. We ate at a . . .

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Can someone please add " preacher's Virginia daughters " Free. I've been trying to find them in my local book stores but they don't carry Kelli Wolf books any longer.

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