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Reluctantly, Summer schedules a physical with a new doctor. Her legs splayed wide in stirrups, all Summer can do is lie on the examination table and let the authoritative doctor have his way with her. Try as she might, Summer can't stop her pussy from creaming. This story contains a speculum, a digital anal exam, extreme sexual arousal, humiliation and female masturbation.

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Chloe Adams knows she needs to pull up her grades. The pretty college party girl has spent too much time having fun and it shows. Desperate to pass her Geology course, she meets with her sexy professor after class for some private tutoring. His teaching methods prove to be unconventional, to say the least. Will a little pain and a lot of pleasure help Chloe make the grade?

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Professor Taylor is a busy man. When he's not teaching his college classes, he's offering "special" lessons to some of his students. He decides two of them should attend at his office at the same time. Will the two pretty young women be receptive to his demands or will he push them too far? ~4,­500 words, M/f/f, nipple clamps, vibrating toys, oral sex, reluctant first time anal & girl-­on-­girl.

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Excerpt: “Let me up,­” Summer ordered, struggling in vain beneath her tall, well-­built husband. “Not a chance.­” He reached down and yanked the satin belt from Summer’s robe and quickly tied her wrists to the wrought iron headboard of the bed. She tested the bonds immediately but they held tight. Summer silently cursed her mother-­in-­law for sending Evan to Boy Scouts as a child, where he’d clearly learned how to tie indestructible knots. “Hey!­” she protested angrily. “Untie me! Do it now or…or I’ll scream!­” Her husband was unfazed by her threat. “Go ahead,­” he shrugged. “Have fun explaining why you’re half-­naked and tied to a bed.­” ... Once he was satisfied that his wife was effectively bound and gagged, he picked his jacket back up and put it on. “This has been a long time coming,­” he told her tersely. “Tonight you’ve just pissed me off enough that I’m going to go through with the ideas that have been kicking around in my head.­” Summer stared at her husband helplessly from her . . .

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Dan's second session with Mistress Kimberly is even more shameful than the first. He's stripped naked, bound and infantilized. He thinks being forced to wet his diaper is the ultimate humiliation - then the kinky dominatrix brings out suppositories and an enema! Warning: This hardcore ~4,­400 word story contains female domination, male humiliation, handjobs, diapering and a messy expulsion!

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This is a ~13,­500 word collection. In Sugar, a young woman is pampered (quite literally) by her older partner who wants to take care of her. In Candy, a high class escort reluctantly agrees to using a diaper and enduring other humiliations for her client's sexual gratification. In Helpless, a misbehaving girlfriend is punished with hot wax and an enema by her sadistic billionaire boyfriend.

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Sarah doesn't mind getting frisky with Frank, the older man she met online, but draws the line at indulging in his diapering fantasies. When she loses a bet, that all changes. How will she react to being diapered and forced to soil herself for Frank's sexual gratification? This ~4600 word story contains humiliation, glycerin suppositories, an enema, diaper changes and first time anal sex.

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Friday nights are for BDSM play. This Friday, Violet's dominant husband is tying her to the bed. Then she has to endure a stinging soapstick in her most private orifice and a spanking. After that are enemas and the grand finale: anal sex. Warning! This ~5500 word story contains: bondage, spanking, enemas, male domination, humiliation and anal sex!

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Blondie and Bear: Bear comes home to discover a sexy blonde intruder in his cabin. She soon finds herself naked, bound to the kitchen table and at the horny lumberjack's mercy. She doesn't mind - except when he decides to introduce a pot of hot porridge into the equation. What has she gotten herself into? Warning: This ~4500 word story ontains oral sex, spanking, clit punishment, food play, bondage and ass play. Riding Little Red: Wolf Peterson desperately wants to get it on with the villiage's most unattainable bachelorette. One afternoon Wolf spots Little Red in the forest on the way to her grandmother's house. Will he finally be able to win her over? Warning: This ~4000 word story contains fingerfucking, food play, anal sex and cunnilingus. Yes, that's right: Big, bad Wolf eats Little Red! So Tight: After escaping the wrath of her wicked stepmother, Snow moved into a quaint cottage deep in the forest. Now an adult, Snow is lonely - and the only thing that can change that is . . .

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Dr. Benjamin's good looks and charm convinced Summer to sign up for yet another medical study. This one is just him and her, so it won't be so bad, right? Little does she know, it will involve nipple clamps, the dreaded stirrups, multiple orgasms, a speculum in each hole, a catheter and even a mortifying enema! The grand finale? Anal sex. Warning: This 18+ only, ~4700 word story is HARDCORE!

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