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Sometimes love is our greatest fear... Jane I never really believed that love could heal until my parents adopted me. They showered me with love and attention, and through them I met my three best friends.
Our mutual talents allowed us to create a band that became one of the most popular rock bands in our generations.
We had everything, yet my heart longed for one thing.
I dreamed about the Knight in shining armor who would come and sweep me off my feet.
One day, I finally met him.
Only to be crushed when he fell in love with my best friend.
I gave up on love, deciding that happily ever after wasn't for everyone.
Until Drake came into my life and made my head spin. Drake I always knew that I’d recognize the girl who is supposed to be mine from the first moment of meeting her.
Jane came into my life spontaneously, and we spend one amazing night filled with passion, laughter, and fun.
On the next day, she was gone.
My girl wanted nothing to do with me.
However, I . . .

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Sometimes love is our only salvation... Annabella My brother and I shared the unbreakable bond that held us through thick and thin.
Nick helped me to achieve my dreams and meet my best friends.
Our shared talents with girls allowed us to create one of the best rock bands of our generation.
We had it all.
Fame, money, freedom.
The future held nothing but endless possibilities for us, and I couldn't be happier.
Until the person I loved most, my brother, was gone.
And nothing was ever the same.
The Oblivion consumed me, and I never wanted to come back.
But then Nate Jackson decided to save me, and I was powerless to stop him from bulldozing into my life and make me live again. Author's note: This is the second edition of the book. The original content was re-­edit and revised. Warning: This is 18+ novel due to profanity, sexual content and mature subjects.­**

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Pakhan's Salvation anyone?

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