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5 books of Lara Hunter & Holly Rayner

One royal birth is a national event. Two royal births are a sensation. What would you call three?
As a paparazzo journalist Lisa Garcia is used to meddling in other people’s business, so her plot to get closer to the handsome and alluring Prince Francesco of Aluzzi seems almost too easy. Tasked with snapping pictures of him and his infamously difficult fiancée, Princess Rose, her plan goes off without a hitch, but when she witnesses the Princess storm off after a bitter row, Lisa gets a little more than she bargained for…
Mistaking her for a bystander, the honest Prince tells her everything: the marriage is a sham, and he wants more from a partner than a mere royal title. Beguiled by this charming prince, Lisa knows she can’t betray him so easily, and the Prince and relative pauper strike up an unlikely, but passionate relationship.
When Francesco discovers that his new lover isn’t who she says she is, however, Lisa finds herself cast out of the Prince’s life, and what’s more, . . .

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Gabriella Galtieri is a simple girl, living a simple life. At least, that’s what she had always thought. She’d never paid much attention to the family name, and its legend of long-­lost royalty, but after a mysterious offer to be flown to Italy, expenses paid, Gaby is beginning to wonder.
Luca, Italian Prince of Campania is slowly gaining an unsavory reputation. After his playboy ways alienate every princess in Europe, he realizes he’s going to have to look further afield in his royal conquests. So when Luca hears of the House of Galtieri – a long deposed royal lineage, thought lost forever – and its irresistibly eligible ‘princess’, Luca is determined to get what he wants.
When the two are finally united, Gabriella finds a dashing Prince Charming she never expected to meet, and Luca finds in Gabriella a heart of gold that could change him forever. If only Luca had been honest from the start…
One thing is for sure: this Prince has never seen a snowy New York Christmas, and Gaby . . .

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