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Shy Stanley wanted desperately to touch his beautiful neighbor, Kelly, but he was awkward around women. Kelly befriended her timid neighbor and invited him over each night to watch TV and have a cup of tea. Stanley found a way to Kelly’s body, when he began drugging her each night. She thought the vivid sexual encounters were dreams, and didn’t know Stanley had turned her into his sex toy. It was only supposed to happen one night, and he wasn’t going to hurt her. She would never have to know he had been in her bedroom. The drug would keep her out for hours, regardless of what he might do to her. What he didn’t know, she was consciously aware of everything that was happening to her, trapped in a sensual fog, unable to resist and forced to submit. Stanley couldn’t stay away, but kept returning each night, finding new ways to use and claim her body. One morning, when Kelly awoke with an especially sore bottom, she began to think there was something funny about her dreams. Word . . .

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A bittersweet and erotic tale. Ben Parker doublecrosses his stepson, James, by leaving his ranch to Bens daughter, Jenna. Marrying Jenna will allow James to keep the ranch, yet she has no desire to marry. Stranded at the ranch in a blizzard, James is determined to get Jenna pregnant, even if it requires tying her up. Years before, Ben forced James mother to the alter, in a similar fashion.

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In the kingdom of Perish, the queen has not produced a male heir. This means the royal couple must hand their eldest daughter, Princess Celeste, over to the Royal Breeders. No longer a pampered princess, Celeste is now nothing more than royal breeding stock, to be bred with common men of the kingdom, in order to bring fresh blood into the royal line. Adult Content.

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“Erotic Tales of Breeding Sex” brings together five Maggie Chatterley stories, which includes her best sellers, “Carter’s Niece” and the Raperbeast series. Also included in the book, Dream Master and Breeding Stock. CARTER’S NIECE: (A western erotica) It began as an act of revenge, when four angry men abduct the innocent niece of their nemesis. Their intent is to soil and impregnate the young girl. Yet none of the men are prepared for the how Carter’s niece will inevitably change their lives. Breeding Stock: (A fanciful historical erotica) When pirates board the clipper ship, they abduct Annabelle, before sending the ship to the bottom of the sea. Annabelle’s fate is the slave block, where she is sold as breeding stock. The blonde virgin finds herself on a tropical island with her new master, the powerful black king who intends to breed her with the men of his island, after he takes her virginity. Legend of the Raperbeast: During a camping trip, Alison falls through a portal, . . .

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When Katie’s stepbrother, Frank finds the erotica she has written, revealing her dark sexual fantasies about her stepbrother, and her desire to be dominated, he decides to make her fantasies come true by taking her body and taking control. Being generous, Frank shares his sexy stepsister with his closest friends. Adult Content. All characters are 18 years old or older.

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When pirates seized the ship, Annabelle was taken and sold as breeding stock. The uncharted band of islands attracted men who were social outcasts, and to propagate their island they needed women like Annabelle. None had enough gold to compete with the black king, who quickly snatched up the blonde virgin. Too naïve and curious to understand what was happening, she enjoyed her erotic adventure.

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Something has changed in the world. Only a few females remain. Barren females are sent to the State Brothel to satisfy the sexual needs of men. The few who are fertile are used as breeding slaves. Follow Cassie’s journey as she is taken from the state compound and given to three brothers and their father. BREEDING SLAVE, BOOK ONE tells about Cassie’s induction into the life as a breeding slave.

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When Katie agrees to step into Professor Singleton’s time machine, she didn’t expect it to work. She certainly didn’t expect it to whisk her back to the beginning of mankind, left alone to face the primitive needs of the Neanderthal man and find the ancestor of modern man. Both take her body, yet one captures her heart. If given the chance to return will she go, and if she goes, will she go alone? “Katie and the Caveman” approximately 8,­982 words Includes a 1,­492 word (approximately) excerpt from Maggie Chatterley’s “One Time Call Girl” Corrected File uploaded October 22, 2012

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Carter stole their ranches and killed their families. In revenge, they abducted Carter’s innocent niece. They would not be asking for ransom. Instead, each would take turns using her body, until they filled her belly with a child, and then she would go back to the uncle in disgrace. The niece proved to be a delightful surprise, a sheltered innocent with her own secret desires.

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