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Something WICKED this way comes... Oriana Ricci has taken over the family businessflying cargo and rich tourists around the barely inhabited Kodiak Archipelago. When her plane malfunctions and she's forced to make an emergency landing, she finds herself stranded in the middle of a National Wildlife Refuge. With no civilization for miles and no hope of rescue, she thinks all is lost Until she stumbles upon the entrance to an underground bunker. Jack, Jordan, and Jonathan McMathan own and operate a secret security firm contracted by the US Government. Hidden away in an old Cold War spy station located the middle of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge, the brothers are not only able to do their top secret jobs safely without fear of discovery, but are better to protect their other, more personal secret They have the ability to shift into Kodiak bears. Like a fairy tale gone bad, the brothers return home to find their lunch tastedor eaten, their computer chairs adjustedor broken, and . . .

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Melanie Rose Darling is a very unhappy florist. Hailed by the bridal flower world as an artistic genius, Meli works long nights making bouquets for women lucky enough to find love, while she herself lives a life of solitude. She yearns to share her heart and body with someone other than Bob, her Battery Operated Boyfriend, but acute shyness keeps her from engaging the living world. However, Melis quiet and predictable existence takes an unexpected turn when she is pulled over and ticketed by the most gorgeous cop she has ever encountered Officer Michael Johnson. Though he doesn't seem to notice her as anything more than a traffic violation, Meli makes plans to overcome her timid nature and seize the police officers attentionusing any speed necessary.

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Mathews, Brenna Marie Sergeant Combat Medic U.­S. National Guard My captor tells me that Im not a prisoner of war, but how else can I see myself I was abducted and brought to an unknown location in the middle of the desert. Im sequestered behind a locked door and bars cover my windows. I even have an armed guard who takes me for walks. But he, the nameless captor responsible for my care, claims otherwise. He tells me that hes not my enemy, that if he was, Id already be dead. He promises to release me when the time is right. He says Im safer now"with him"than I was before. Despite his reassurances, I do not feel safe. Though he has treated me kindly, given me every comfort a prisoner could ever want or need, I have to find a way to leave"and soon. I dont understand how its possible, but my captor knows me. He knows my past, he knows my secrets, knows just what to say to move me and what to say to break me. I have been taken by the enemy. Now I must find a way to escape before Im . . .

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One special gift... Twelve rules to follow... There are some rules that should never be broken. They tell me that I am special, that my ability to heal is a gift that should be treasured and appreciated. As far as Im concerned, Im not gifted... Im cursed. Nothing in this life is free, not even gifts. There is always a price to be paid somewhere, somehow. My healing gift came with twelve Rules of Darkness, rules that I must follow at all times, until the day I die. The rules are ingrained in who I am. They dictate how I live my life when I am awake, and they haunt me when Im asleep. Dont look into a graveyard, Katia. Dont touch the dead, Katia. Never seek out the lost, Katia... Its enough to drive a person mad. And perhaps thats where I find myself now. A victim of a disease I can cure in others, but not in myself. Its madness to break the rules, and yet, I dont care anymore. Im tired of living my life this way. Im tired of the rules. I wont do it any more, and if that means I . . .

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The perfect assistant, Jessalyn Palmer is proud to work for Dr. Wilbur Stieran, a brilliant mechatronic scientist and worldrenowned inventor. However, when her two years of flawless service is ruined by an unfortunate spelling error, Jessa finds herself over the boss knee. A week later, Jessa is still trying to come to terms with the spanking and the conflicting feelings the punishment invoked. Embarrassed by her response to his loving discipline, she has avoided her boss as much as possible. Then the apprentices beg her to test drive Stern Stierans latest invention"his precious prototype, AllSPANC. By the end of the journey, Jessa the nolongerperfect assistant discovers that some mistakes are worth making, and that some lessons are worth learning the hard way.

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