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When a tragic bike accident leaves a young man with a broken back, a long held fantasy comes true for him when his sexy adopted teenage sister comes to his aid, helping him out where he can't help himself. She begins by giving him a bed bath, and ends up losing her virginity, unable to resist her brothers massive cock, and desperate to have him inside her. 3800 very naughty words.

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Horny adopted teenager James can't stop thinking about his little sister Sophie. He would do absolutely anything for a chance to get her into bed, and has a million and one ideas of what he'd do with her if he ever did. Lucky James is presented with a perfect opportunity one day when their parents are out of town and Sophie finds their Daddy's porn collection.

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Three more forbidden files from the Dark Secrets selection box.


Dark Secrets: Taken To Extremes (Extreme Hostage Kidnapper Dubcon BDSM Erotica)
Dark Secrets: She Wanted It (Nonconsent, Rape Fantasy, Surprise Sex Erotica)
Dark Secrets: The Seventh Edge (Extreme Dubcon Orgy, Life/Death Anal Erotica)

These titles can all be purchased individually.

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A sleepy seaside community is rocked by a violent bank robbery. The gunman makes good his escape by taking hold of a hostage, a twenty one year old girl, who begins to develop a crush on him. That afternoon, hiding out in a squalid motel, the bank robber begins to make some demands of a more sexual nature. Can Grace give into her temptation and let this man take her, despite what he has done?

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A big bundle of taboo pseudo incest, with a central breeding theme!


I'm Having Daddy's Baby! (Pseudo Incest Teenage Breeding Erotica)
Bred in Daddy's Bed! (Pseudo Incest Breeding Erotica)
Bred by Daddy's Cult (Paranormal Gangbang, Pseudo Incest, Breeding Erotica)

These titles can all be purchased individually.

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When two sexually adventurous parents find condoms and pornography in their sexy eighteen year old adopted daughters bedroom, they decide it gives them the perfect opportunity to indulge in a shared fantasy, while educating her about sex. The result is a session of mind blowing fucking that brings the whole family together in a festival of orgasmic delight!

WARNING! Hot pseudo incest!!!

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Steve's lactation fantasies come true when his best friends wife lets him watch her breastfeed. One baby isn't enough to satisfy her however, and things start to hot up when she invites Steve to take the other nipple.

WARNING! This 3700 word steamy erotic short features lactation, milking, breast fascination, adult breast feeding, squirting (vaginal and mammary) and hot lustful sex.

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When a sexually inexperienced teenage virgin goes for her regular checkup, she's overwhelmed by the intimate nature of the questions she's asked, and just how thorough her doctor is. WARNING!!! This 6750 word account of a doctor, patient, dubious consent, taboo sex experience contains graphic and lengthy descriptions of very naughty carnal acts between a thorough doctor, and his teenage patient!

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Three forbidden files from the Dark Secrets selection box.


Dark Secrets: Black Letter Day (Extreme BDSM Dubcon Forced Torture Gangbang Erotica)
Dark Secrets: Pandora's Box (Extreme BDSM Dubcon Sleep Sex Gangbang Erotica)
Dark Secrets: Bred By The Doctor (Extreme BDSM Dubcon Sleep Sex Virgin Breeding Erotica)

These titles can all be purchased individually.

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When his Mom comes home drunk and passes out on the sofa, a horny eighteen year old boy, takes full advantage of her incapacitated state, and indulges a secret, long-­held fantasy.

WARNING!!! This taboo tale of drunken incest contains graphic descriptions of dubious consent, drunk mother/teenage son sex, forced sex, pussy play, anal play and teenage orgasms!

4000 very naughty words.

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