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A blind date? You have to be kidding!­Jake gets far more than he bargains for when he agrees to allow his sister-­in-­law to set him up on a blind date. Bree turns out to be nothing like Jake's ideal woman. So why can't Jake stop pursuing the full-­figured enchantress?­Will Jake be able to tame his temptress?­On the other hand, will she turn the tables on him?

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Having recently discovered that there is a whole segment of the male populace who like their women large and bold, Jennifer Rose has finally learned to be comfortable with the fact that she is full-­figured. To celebrate, she decides to take a walk on the wild side. The moment she spots the tall, blonde, handsome Rick Markham at a charity bachelor auction, her libido slips into active overdrive. Although she's been hurt in the past, she is determined to get more for her money than dinner and pleasant conversation.­Rick Markham is ready to settle down and raise a family with his ideal woman-­a tall, slender, beautiful blonde. This description does not apply to the sultry, plus-­sized Jennifer Rose, who wins a bidding war with his ideal woman, requiring him to spend an evening with her. After a surprising dinner, a slow dance, and several kisses that excite and arouse him, Rick is ready to hop into the sack with Jennifer for a one-­night stand. Neither of them is prepared for what . . .

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After the end of her marriage, beautiful, plus-­size Darbi decided to try a second virginity. While on a business trip, a hotel mix-­up lands her in the same room with a handsome, horny stranger--­just as she realizes her battery-­operated toys aren't getting the job done. Succumbing to their mutual instant attraction, they spend the night together. In the morning Darbi wakes in the room alone. Later, she finds she's committed an almost unpardonable error—sleeping with her boss's biggest business rival.

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Linea Hills is an attractive, confident, full-­figured woman in full control of her heart and her life—until she falls into lust with her best friend’s husband. Then her life is turned upside down as she feels betrayed by love that hits her at the wrong time and with the wrong man. Her precarious situation worsens when her friend tries to draw her into the martial games she and her husband play. Grant West is an eligible bachelor with a job that keeps him on the road and a charm that ensures he has his choice of companionship from a succession of women—none of whom can expect a commitment from him. Then he meets Linea and falls for a woman who is determined not to surrender what he wants most from her—her heart.

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With his favorite lover traveling, vampire Jayvyn Redwolfe spends a night clubbing. A “chance” meeting with a human woman intrigues him. When he learns she’s struggling to recapture her ex’s attention, he agrees to pretend to be her new love interest. Things go awry when Jayvyn realizes he’s falling into blood with another man’s woman. Charmed by Jayvyn’s attentiveness, Cayenne Pepper’s interest in reuniting with her ex wanes as she starts to fall for Jayvyn. She’s unaware that she’s arousing the passion of a vampire whose hunger for her blood and heart is rapidly nearing the point where he’ll do whatever is necessary to possess her—including killing her ex.

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