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“A shepherd’s hut, twenty-­four hours, a stranger…” It’s not the perfect start to Gemma Winters’ new life but when she finds herself isolated with a handsome stranger, the demands of her body take over. Callum Mackenzie's only real love affair is with his land. But the night of passion he shares with Gemma has shattering consequences—marriage, and two people forced to face their worst fears...

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A love affair that must not last... When commitment-­phobe Lucy finds herself falling for the King of Sitra, she wants to run. But she can't. He's her only clue to her missing sister. Razeen is determined to do his duty as King, even if it means an arranged marriage. But he has two weeks before he has to choose a wife. Two weeks in which to have an affair with Lucy. What could go wrong?

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Cassandra Lee is determined to exact revenge on the man she believes to be responsible for the death of her father and son. She studies his business and becomes his PA with the aim of sabotaging his fortune. But one thing she's not prepared for is to be seduced by the powerful and sexy Dallas Mackenzie. She just hopes that his interest—and her resistance—will hold out long enough to ruin him...

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Falling for Alessandro is the last thing Emily needs as she recovers from the scars inflicted by an ex-­boyfriend. But she has to work with him to recreate an ancient Italian mosaic found on his land. Consumed by guilt over the death of his son, Alessandro lives only for the pleasures of the present. But he hadn’t reckoned on falling in love. And love, he discovers, forces difficult choices.

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Passion wasnt high on Roses agenda growing up in poverty survival was, independence was, but not the crazy, elemental passion that shed found with Giovanni Visconti. But, after a year together, the passion had twisted into jealousy and control and Rose had disappeared"seemingly unable to deal with her husbands passionate nature. But, two years later, Giovanni tracks Rose down. Hes discovered something that makes him realize that there was more to Roses departure than hed first thought, and hes determined to control his jealous passions in order to prove to his wife that she can trust him. But Rose is keeping secrets from him"secrets with the potential to destroy more than just their relationship...

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"You walked away from our wedding, just walked away and kept walking while I waited for you. And I hear nothing from you for a year, except a trail of credit card charges. Now, without explanation you return saying you want our baby. What the hell is going on, Taina?­"A reasonable question for Prince Daidan ibn Saleh al-­Fulan to ask his beautiful wife, Finnish heiress Taina Mustonen. But how can Taina answer when the heartbreaking truth would not only make herself an object of pity to perfectionist Daidan, but would also destroy the diamond business he values so much?­With no answer, Daidan comes up with a proposal of his own—one which will force Taina to confront the fears from which she's run her whole life.

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A Devil's Bargain... Anna Whitman has yearned for freedom and independence her whole life but she's forced to accept a marriage of convenience so she can live with her son. Sheikh Zahir AlZaman is a ruthless desert warrior who believes the only way he can control his obsession with Anna is to possess her. And he'll do almost anythingeven kidnap her sonto have her. But Zahir will not force her into his bed. He has his strategies for seductionstrategies Anna finds increasingly hard to resist. But she won't have a relationship based on lies. And how can she reveal her secrets when they will shatter the beliefs he holds most dear Reviews "...­powerful and unadulterated romance leaps off of the page and transports the reader to a different world. The chemistry between Anna and Zahir is exquisite and the descriptions of the scenery and settings are breathtaking. A must for fans of classic, passionate true romance.­" coffeetimeromance.­com "Zahir is definitely all alpha male and will have . . .

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