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Cheerleaders, sleepovers, dorm orgies, cuckoldry, adultery... first times and lots of times. Nine sizzlingly explicit stories from bestselling authors of erotica and erotic romance. Stacey's Sleepover by Polly J Adams When Stacey checked on her houseguest she didn't expect to find him lying there with the covers pushed aside, stark naked and clearly very aroused. She didn't expect to suddenly want him so much. The question is, what should she do about it The Handyman Can by Saffron Sands When Veronica's attempts at getting her husband's attention fail and she is met with nothing but frustration, she calls in a professional. Will the handyman have the right tool for the job Asian Beauties by Carl East Nathan is going to Japan to find out why the car company he works for, which is owned by the Japanese, isn't able to make the same amount of cars per day as they do. He isn't looking for romance or any kind of relationship, but boy does he find it. Swapping Partners by Cheri Verset . . .

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