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Someone wants her. And someone else wants herdead. Savage, Book 2 If life as a notfullyhuman has taught Agent Grace Masterson anything, its that shell never again be anyones sitting duck. Whoever is deftly evading the traps around her remote sanctuary outside Seattle, she intends to shove his easily sensed selfconfidence way, way up where the sun dont shine. When she comes face to face"and body to body"with Darrius Hilliard, relief and lingering guilt over past choices weaken her knees. Plus something bad. Really bad. A surprising, intense desire for her fellow agent. Darrius knows what Grace needs, and its not the kidglove treatment. If shes ever to overcome her past trauma and return to full active duty status with the P.­I.­A, she needs a strong shoulder. Yet hes shocked at how quickly hes become physically and emotionally entwined with her. Fighting their growing attraction to one another becomes secondary, though, when it becomes clear that someone not only isnt thrilled at . . .

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Sleeping with her boss can only lead to trouble. And pleasure.­The McLaughlins, Book 4Delonna comes by her Scottish-­style frugality honestly—her parents’ spendthrift ways once left her temporarily homeless. She’s been tending bar at McLaughlin’s Pub, looking forward to the day she can call her own shots. Until her now ex-­boyfriend makes off with her hard-­earned savings. Now she’s got a bookie breathing threats down her neck in an apparent attempt to squeeze blood from a turnip.­Aleck McLaughlin has three good reasons to keep his hands off the delectable Delonna. One, he’s her boss. Two, she’s a good ten years younger. Three, he’s sworn to never again leave his heart vulnerable.­Her predicament sends all those reasons out the window, and Aleck moves her in with him for protection, then whisks her away on a whirlwind trip from Whidbey Island to Scotland.­The romance of being in Edinburgh only increases their need for one another. But it quickly becomes clear they’re facing a past . . .

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Series : Book 4 of "Holding Out for A Hero"
Please note that this book is a short story and was written after readers requested it

Ciara came to Wyattville to reconnect with her half-­brother, and use up extra vacation time in the small beach community. What she didn’t planned on was throwing her inhibitions to the wind and falling for a complete stranger.

Ryan Wyatt spends his days serving in the Coast Guard, and his nights flirting with the ladies. He’s the last Wyatt bachelor standing now that his cousins are married. When he meets Ciara he wonders if that’s about to change. Until he discovers she’s the sister of his enemy and then his plan for seduction becomes tinted with vengeance.

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