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Taken from her family and brought deep into the forest by a werewolf, Sophie is deflowered and used. She soon realizes the werewolf's true intentions for her, to serve the rest of his pack. As the crowd of wolves continues to grow around her, she wonders just how many will she have to service before their appetites are satisfied?

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After being held captive for days in the Werewolf's den an incredible secret is revealed to Sophie about her true identity. She must undertake a perilous journey even deeper into the forest, sucking and fucking whatever creature she must to stay alive. Sophie's saga comes to a dirty raunchy end in this third and final chapter of the Forced, Fucked, and Bred Trilogy.

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A collection of the sexiest pregnant and lactating sex stories guaranteed to make you wish you were pregnant! Includes all three pieces from the Pregnant Perversions Series: Pregnant Perversions: Seducing the Gyno Pregnant Perversions: Needing the Neighbor Pregnant Perversions: Nursing the Male Nurse Kinky dirty milky sex inside.

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Trouble arises for Jane while she and her friends are camping in the wilderness. The pack of wolves can smell her sexy young body and raging hormones from miles away. The wolves stalk closer while she is taking a late night dip alone in the nearby river. The beasts capture her and have their way with her tight human body, Jane is reluctant at first but soon she craves the fullness and savage lust.

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While Charlotte is vacationing at her family's lake house she comes upon a beautiful and majestic wolf, discovering that the animal is injured, she rushes to his aid. Suddenly Charlotte is captured and forced into the beast's world - still a virgin and sexually naive, she's unprepared for the creatures sexual appetite. She knows deep down that part of her wants Silas to claim her.

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Now that Mandy is his Property she's beginning to see the perks, all expenses paid designer clothes shopping sprees, lavish masquerade balls, and absolute protection. Her pussy has never been so wet before and rough sex with Justin has her reaching places she's never been. So why does she still want what she can't have? Her attraction to Brad is undeniable and her desire to please and submit to Justin is unbreakable - but can she can't be a sex toy for both men... can she?

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They arrive at an evil looking castle filled with unimaginable horrors and sexual depravity. The women will be under the direct control of The Overlord as they join his collection of beautiful young female sex slaves. Their bodies are to be sacrificed to the grotesque beasts held deep in The Overlord's dungeons. If they are lucky, The Overlord will chose them for his own personal pleasures.

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Ava and Michelle are knee deep in The Overlord's hell. Ava is now his personal sex slave and Michelle is being given a special cocktail every morning that makes her uncontrollably horny, she's already got a reputation for being one of the nastiest slaves the dungeon has ever held. The Overlord is getting more and more rough with Ava's human body.

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Rachel and her best friends are off to spend a girl's weekend together in the mountains. No Men Allowed. The girls get drunk and a little too raunchy the night before their big climb, secretly wishing they had men around to fill their appetites, little do they know that they are being watched. The next day Rachel is captured by a masculine werewolf who ties her up and has his way with her.

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One evening Katherine ventures into a local tavern for a few drinks, eager to immerse herself in the small mountain community. She awakens hours later to find herself trapped inside of a cage and held captive in a dark, dank dungeon. The Overlord has plans for her to mate with his army of grotesque beasts, to satiate their every carnal desire.

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