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How can a student/teacher relationship be so wrong when it feels this right? Noel and Aspen risk everything to be together.

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A PAST TO PLAGUE HIM... When Reed Walker's sister is raped, memories of his miserable childhood haunt Reed and interfere with his perfectly structured life. To add to the chaos, just when dating becomes the last thing on his mind, Sophia Eschell, the very woman he's been dreaming about for the past three years, barrels into his life. AND A WOMAN TO HEAL HIM... After hooking up with too many troubled men, Sophia is determined to find a normal, average guy sans baggage. She turns her attention to Reed, only to discover he has more issues than anyone. But if he can learn to open up to her, can she honestly reject him or will she...­kiss it all better

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Tess Simpson absolutely cannot handle seeing anyone suffer. When she volunteers to work as a candy striper after the Granton University school shooting, she is only supposed to coax the amnesiac in room 312 to eat his supper. Yeah right. After learning no one’s come to visit him since he woke from a coma and can’t remember who he is, Tess needs to make him feel loved, ASAP. Telling him she’s his girlfriend isn’t part of her plan, but that’s exactly what blurts from her mouth. Except one little lie made from the purest of intentions can still rattle the hardest of hearts.

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Once upon a time, there was this pampered rich girl who was kind of full of herself. She really only cared about appearances and hiding all her dark, ugly secrets under the guise of an opinionated snob. But then Eva Mercer got pregnant, shot by a psycho, and kicked out of the only home she knew. Now she’s broke, unemployed, and has to start anew with a newborn to raise. But how?

On the other side of town, sexy, tattooed orphan, Patrick Ryan, can’t get a break. He’s out on parole for defending the last damsel in distress while trying to help her support her child, but all he wants is to find his one true love. He knows this woman by scent, smile, and laugh, but he’s never actually met her. He doesn’t even know her name. He just knows she’s the key to fixing everything.

One kind of hero can save you from physical harm. Another can rescue you from a different kind of doom. To reach their dreams, Eva and Pick can save each other. But first, they must open their hearts and learn . . .

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Love is about to bloom for Mia Stallone...

Photographer Drew
Harper's sister is convinced of one thing: the resident of 410 South Elm
Street is her husband's mistress. The cheater had sent roses there
after all. When Drew helps with a little reconnaissance at that address,
he meets Mia - who doesn't seem the mistress type at all. In fact, she
seems like a once-­in-­a-­lifetime kind of woman...

Plagued by
survivor's guilt from the kind of loss no one could guess, Mia Stallone
is afraid to let herself be happy. When Drew shows up in her yard asking
questions, she feels a spark she never thought she'd feel again. But is
his interest in her only in gaining information for his sister? And
will he still love her when he learns the truth behind her loss - or
solves the mystery of that rose delivery?

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