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When Larkin Gregory arrives at her sister's house in the (very) small town of Santo Pueblo Texas, her intention is to take a Thanksgiving vacation break from her life in New York and then return to the city to patch things up with her boyfriend Eric. In spite of the fact that Larkin's sister, brother-­in-­law, niece and nephew are her only remaining close family, she KNOWS she could never live outside the hustle and bustle of New York. She doesn't think much of small town life. There are no Starbucks within a hundred miles, and the biggest form of entertainment on the weekend is dancing to country tunes at the local bar. It only gets worse when, at Larkin's first visit to the bar with her sister and brother-­in-­law, she goes outside to catch a breath of fresh air and stumbles across a young woman bare-­bottomed across her boyfriend's knee, getting her tail tanned. When she reports the sight to her sister, to Larkin's shock, her sister shrugs it off and tells Larkin matter-­of-­factly . . .

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Determined to go on with her life following her divorce—and lose eight pounds while she's at it— Kelly Long set off to hike up a North Carolina mountain with her dog, Mimi. The very last thing she expected to find in those woods was a portal, a doorway to another time and place, which transported her, toy poodle and all, back to 1871 Wyoming. Back to the Wild West, with cowboys, horses, and wagons— and unfortunately for Kelly, a time when men weren't shy about spanking a misbehaving wife.­Jess McSwain, formerly of the infamous McSwain Brothers, didn't know what to make of his "future girl.­" For the past few years, the former outlaw had been doing his best to leave his past behind, in favor of a quiet life as a farmer. But life with Kelly was anything but quiet. The career woman struggling to find the portal that would take her back to the only life she'd known, consistently finds herself over McSwain's knee. She also finds herself in his arms... which feels more like home than any...

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The last thing Sadie Francis needs is Detective Dan McCallister getting in her hair. Sure—she’s a young woman who’s made her share of mistakes, but that’s all in the past now. Sadie’s turning over a new leaf and she doesn’t need anyone’s help...­especially not any help from the man who got her into even bigger trouble in the first place. Of course, Dan has other ideas, and he’s vowed to not only keep an eye on the woman with the jaded past, but to help her stay on that straight-­and-­narrow as well.

His motives are more complicated than that, because the stern detective may not readily admit it, but he’s falling more and more in love with Sadie with each passing day. He’s also hiding a secret of his own, something that very few people in his life have known about, and something that could drive him and Sadie apart.

This is sexy spanking romance set in the 1940s, with a paranormal twist.

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'Tis the season for the return of a lost love! Balancing holiday preparations with her work as a nurse midwife, Casey Jordan-­Minter is surprised when tall, lean and irresistible Preston Fuller steps back into her life. They haven't seen each other in years, during which she was happily married and then tragically widowed. She doesn't think she needs another man in her life until Preston reclaims every part of her heart that had once belonged to him. But is there really such a thing as love getting a second chance? Is the romanticism of that season to blame... or is it working its magic?

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Lights, camera—cowboy! Stone Farrell has finally returned to the Circle F Ranch, but he left his heart back in Hollywood. The caretaker, spirited Jenna Price, has been expecting a rugged cowboy, not an actor who plays bad guys. Not only is she worried he’ll sell the ranch, which has been home for years to her and her brother, but he’s already engaged to a spoiled, up-­and-­coming Tinselton diva. To think Jenna has been secretly in love with a man who butts heads with her, and who makes it known he’s the boss at the ranch. Stone knows how to get that point across, even if it means taking a certain sexy but headstrong cowgirl over his knee. Deep down, Stone knows that land and everything on it belongs to him…but can he live up to the legend Jenna’s made him out to be in her imagination, now that she’s turning his world upside down?

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Small-­town Sheriff Jonah Vogel’s peaceful weekend is disrupted when he receives a mysterious delivery, a voluptuous genie!

Amanda Brindle is trying to land an advertising account with an ice cream empire mogul for her Madison Avenue firm. One little problem: Amanda is stranded with the hunky, bossy sheriff, who has a unique way of dealing with that sexy genie’s mischievous streak.

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Like any other mail order bride, Melanie Cranford is looking for a new life and adventure, hoping to find it with rancher Reeve Larson. She didn't expect the cowboy to be so good-­looking--­or so strict! Reeve is pleasantly surprised to find he got more than he bargained for with Melanie, though she's a beautiful woman who's often in need of being taken in hand.

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