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While there may be hundreds of possible things you can include in an SHTF kit, the newbie to disaster preparations may be overwhelmed by the flood of advice given from preppers and survivalists from all over. The reality is that there is no one way to prepare for oa disaster. However, this book focuses only on the basics of survivalist training to get you started setting up your SHTF gear. From there you can build on what you’ve learned here and grow into a true prepper.

In this book you’ll learn the different types of plans you’ll need to make in order to secure the safety of your household. Then we’ll focus on how to choose the most important tools and supplies to sustain you through tough times. It will help you to focus on how to look more on bein self-­sufficient rather than carrying around loads of things after a disaster and why it’s important to get the whole family involved in your preparation efforts. Hopefully, once you’ve finished this book, you’ll feel confident . . .

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