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Afflicted by a centuries-­old curse, a warlord slowly surrenders his humanity and descends toward madness. Ballard of Ketach Tor holds no hope of escaping his fate until his son returns home one day, accompanied by a woman of incomparable beauty. His family believes her arrival may herald Ballard’s salvation. ...­until they confront her elder sister. Determined to rescue her sibling from ruin, Louvaen Duenda pursues her to a decrepit castle and discovers a household imprisoned in time. Dark magic, threatening sorcerers, and a malevolent climbing rose with a thirst for blood won’t deter her, but a proud man disfigured by an undying hatred might. Louvaen must decide if loving him will ultimately save him or destroy him. A tale of vengeance and devotion.

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What would you do to win your freedom? This is the question that sets bondwoman, Martise of Asher, on a dangerous path. In exchange for her freedom, she bargains with her masters, the mage-­priests of Conclave, to spy on the renegade sorcerer, Silhara of Neith. The priests want Martise to expose the sorcerer's treachery and turn him over to Conclave justice. A risky endeavor, but one she accepts without hesitation--­until she falls in love with her intended target. Silhara of Neith, Master of Crows, is a desperate man. The god called Corruption invades his mind, seducing him with promises of limitless power if he will help it gain dominion over the world. Silhara struggles against Corruption's influence and searches for ways to destroy the god. When Conclave sends Martise as an apprentice to help him, he knows she's a spy. Now he fights a war on two fronts--­against the god who would possess him and the apprentice who would betray him. Mage and spy search together for a ritual that . . .

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An earth dragon, longlived and skilled in the ways of magic, Magnus Silverclaw has hunted relentlessly for his errant human lover. He is furious and bitter over what he considers Leida's betrayal and seeks retribution by having her sentenced to four years of enforced servitude to himin a position far below the one she once occupied as his mistress. He does not anticipate her horrified reaction to the punishment or the reason for it, and her revelation leaves him reeling with shock and jealousy. After nearly four years of evading capture, Leida of the Glimmer South stands bound before a tribunal of dragon judges, accused of theft and the illicit use of dragon magic. Once the favorite of the dragon lord, Magnus Silverclaw, she faces punishment for a crime considered high treason among dragons. Leida is still deeply in love with Magnus but refuses to divulge her reasons for why she stole from him and left without warning four years earlier. Only the threat of enslavement makes her . . .

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A trilogy of short stories from the worlds of Master of Crows, Entreat Me, and Radiance.

STRONG BLOOD (3,­504 words) – Ballard de Sauveterre from ENTREAT ME crosses time to share a drink with Silhara of Neith from MASTER OF CROWS and discovers a connection that spans generations.

CROW AWAKENED (2,­975 words) – A short follow-­up to THE BRUSH OF BLACK WINGS in which a terrified Silhara finally learns why his beloved wife Martise is fading before his eyes.

A MATTER OF TRUST (5,­336 words) – A cultural divide is resolved in the most delightful way between Brishen and Ildiko Khaskem. Takes place after RADIANCE and before EIDOLON.

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Herad of Ulien has been challenged to engage in ritual combat known as Arena for the right to keep his son. Recovering from wounds he received in an attack on his transport ship, he knows he will be defeated. Ulinar law doesn't allow provisions for illness or injury. It is fight or concede defeat, and that is an option Herad will not consider. But there is an alternative. He may name a champion to fight for him, and he chooses a most unlikely candidatehis son's human nanny. Savarin Jones is a sudakhan, a genetically enhanced human bred and trained to act as a frontline protector for exploration teams surveying recently discovered planets. Once respected members of the human race, they are now hunted and executed on sight. With a price on her head and the shame of a massacre in her past, she has gone into hiding. For eight years she has lived among the Ulinar under a false identity, working as caregiver for the son of Ulien's senior ambassador, Herad. It is a peaceful, if . . .

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Ann MacLeod is about to embark on a new chapter in her life. Newly divorced and celebrating her fiftieth birthday, she decides to spend a weekend alone, doing nothing wilder than a little shopping. Fate, however, takes matters out of her hands and shows the cautious Ann that life should be experienced, not just lived, and fifty is a good age to walk a little on the wild side. When young, handsome guitarist David Abrams sees the elegant, reserved woman stroll into the pub where he plays, he's instantly captivated. Undeterred by their age difference, he pursues Ann, despite her protestations. Dinner and good conversation is all he expects from herand he's bewitched when she offers so much more...

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In a bid for more power, the Shadow Queen of Haradis has unleashed a malignant force into the world. Her son Brishen, younger prince of the Kai royal house, suddenly finds himself ruler of a kingdom blighted by a diseased darkness and on the brink of war. His human wife Ildiko must decide if she will give up the man she loves in order to secure his throne. Three enemy kingdoms must unite to save each other, and a one-­eyed, reluctant king must raise an army of the dead to defeat an army of the damned.­A tale of alliance and sacrifice.

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