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A man and woman agree to a marriage of convenience. He needs help taking care of an aging parent, and she needs health insurance. What they didn't count on was falling in love.

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When the Vaaji Empire conquers a world, it is a careful process. Vala's requirements are simple: Unrestricted access to the Internet, one of Earth's women to attend his needs, and no interruptions. It could be years before his work is done with nothing for Skye to do except cross days off her calendar and stare out the window at the distant blue light of home... and serve the alien.

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Undercover as a federal game warden out in the middle of nowhere, trying to figure out what's killing the eagles, Daniel Vogel's only companion is Morgan Macavee - a civilian firespotter with a bad attitude and a foul mouth. At least there are always plenty of switches waiting to be cut. And with Morgan in the picture, plenty of reasons to use them.

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The night is dark and foggy, and Zi nearly runs down a young man named Thomas, who is standing in the road. She takes him home and his father, Archer Moorecott, offers her a job as Thomas's private tutor. Although he's attracted to her, he's determined to maintain his distance because (suspenseful drum roll here) he's a vampire! So is Thomas, but he's not as angst-­ridden and obnoxious about it.

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Hopler's Happy Toads is a spanking-­packed urban fantasy paranormal spanking romance with witches, wizards, imps and demon familiars, tons of toads and almost as many spankings. After twelve disastrous years of marriage, Eve Hopler has become a desperate woman, desperate enough to point one of the 'magic' wands she found in a yard sale grab bag at her husband.

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