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Elizabeth and several other girls are invited by their fathers to attend a formal ball. They arrive dressed in their finest white gowns as requested, and are oblivious to what the ball entails. Follow Elizabeth and the girls as they discover the secrets of the underground Purity Ball – a ball that praises the bonding of father-­daughter relationships.

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This lesbian incest bundle contains 4 taboo stories: Dirty Mommy-­In-­Law, Dirty Mommy, Dirty Sister, and Dirty Aunt.

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After Josh comes home from college and catches his daddy in the act, he decides to give Daddy an ultimatum: to either have the dirtiest, roughest sex or else he will tell his mother about Daddy's infidelity. Will the cheating, dirty Daddy relent to his son's seductions and accept his son's naughty offer?

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At odds with her mama, Rayanne grows closer to her daddy. Their relationship starts with nude polaroid pictures and continues to intensify with the roughest punishment her daddy has ever given her. Contains: explicit incest sex. Adults only.

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Young and carefree Kara was used to getting what she wanted, until her step-­father finally comes down hard on her for racking up a high phone bill. In order to pay off the debt, Kara reluctantly agrees to be his cleaning maid, and she must face punishment for her disobedience. Can she endure what her step-­father has in store for her?

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After his mother leaves, Jordan takes her place in cleaning and taking care of his father. But when his father resorts to going to bars in a desperate attempt to get laid, he becomes a sex-­crazed drunk, and after several failed attempts to find intimacy he soon takes his pent up sexual frustration out on Jordan.

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After her father remarries, Katie visits him and his new wife at their luxurious beach house. Katie is in awe of the beautiful landscape, as well as the hot body of her step-­mother. She wouldn't have expected for them to hit it off so well, but when her sexy mommy makes it dirty, she thinks they'll get along in more ways than one.

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I thought I was free from Uncle, but he catches me with his shapeshifting horse, Unicorn, and forcefully takes me back to the barn. Uncle and his cowboy friends gang up on me, each of them taking turns and having their dirty way with me. But I'm no fool - I can escape from their clutches. Contains incest, bestiality, and one huge gangbang.

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After Adam invites his younger brother, Ian, to move in with him, he learns that he had several misconceptions about him – not only is Ian gay, he's irresistibly seductive! Find out what happens when Adam and Ian explore their kinkier side to brotherly love, and why Ian can’t help but screw every man he comes by.

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Four erotic short stories (15,­000 words total) for a cheap price! This bundle includes: Dirty Daddy, Dirty Uncle, Dirty Brother, and Dirty Daddy-­In-­Law. Find out what these dirty boys are up to in their home!

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