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Rochford Manor, outside London, 1810:­When her dying father entrusts her to the care of Dominic Santrell, one of London's most infamous rakes, Arlie Whitman is thrust into a world of elegance and privilege she had never imagined. But her initiation into society is nowhere near as frightening as the powerful desire she feels for Dominic himself. The dark and dashing earl claims that she needs a husband, but Arlie knows she needs only Dominic. Dominic had vowed never to marry. In his experience, love was, at best, an evening's pleasure. Yet the parade of young men courting his ward is unbearable. Arlie's innocent beauty haunts his dreams. The passion they share cannot be denied... But desire can be dangerous.

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Masquerade By Julia Templeton The day has come for London's most infamous rakehell the Earl of Saxford to take a bride. Nicholas has no intention of ending his roguish ways-­even after he weds the catch of the season the beautiful extremely timid Angelica Stafford daughter to the Duke of Durham. Brianna Stafford twin sister to Angelica is already engaged to a well-­liked viscount and will wed him at the end of the season. Though she is far from thrilled at the prospect of married life so soon after graduating from boarding school she knows she can do worse than her father's reserved friend. Brianna's plans for an enjoyable season are shot to hell when she is asked to masquerade as Angelica and do her best to send Saxford running for the hills. Determined to get rid of Saxford Brianna dons a disguise and tells the striking womanizer that she will never marry him. Nicholas is shocked when his surprisingly outspoken and spirited fiancée tells him she has no desire to marry him. Having . . .

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When the frizzy-­headed crone took thirty-­nine-­year-­old Lizzie Johnston's hands and wrapped them around the sword, she felt a little weird. That's nothing compared to what she feels when she wakes up in the body of eighteen-­year-­old Saxon, Lady Elizabeth of Aedelmaer in the year 1067, wedded to the infamous Norman knight, Kieran the Black. Kieran's six and a half feet tall, black-­haired, with the bluest eyes Lizzie's ever seen and built like a brick you know what. Lizzie's head over heels and determined to get tall, dark and dangerous into bed and win his heart, despite the old Elizabeth's avowed distaste for him. But first she has to save his life...

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Fleeing an unfaithful fiance, a nubile young lovely finds herself the prisoner of a lustful Scottish laird and must bow to his every erotic whim. . . .

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The Rayborne brothers are notorious throughout London for two things: their astounding good looks and their wild sexual ways. But when they receive an ultimatum to wed or risk losing their inheritance, their search for brides takes them on a journey of carnal pleasure like none they've experienced before. . . His Needs Consumed Him. . . The oldest of the Rayborne brothers, Sinjin's insatiable appetite for sex has earned him the nickname "Sin.­" But his frequent visits to London's most infamous pleasure houses must now come to an end. For a rogue who's accustomed to indulging his every desire, one woman can never be enough. . .­until Sinjin locks eyes with Katelyn Davenport, and knows she is the one woman he can't get enough of. . . Until He Met The One Woman Who Could Satisfy Them All. . . Betrothed to a much older man in payment for her late father's gambling debts, Katelyn dreads her wedding day--­and her wedding night even more. When she meets Sinjin at a soirée intended to . . .

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Three brothers--­each as wickedly handsome and scandalous as the next--­must wed or surrender their fortunes. They're the Rayborne men, and their quest for the perfect woman will send them on an unforgettable excursion of pleasure and excitement. . . Her Thirst For Passion. . . Lily Winthrop's marriage to her recently deceased husband was a loveless one. She wishes to never wed again. But when she meets the devilishly charming Victor Rayborne, he stirs a scorching hunger deep within her. She yearns to be taken by him, to feel the heat of his body entwined with hers. . . His Irresistible Desire. . . The fact that Lily is older than him does not deter Victor from seeking out her lovely company. Instead, he finds the alluring woman a welcome breath of fresh air amid the insufferably dull prospects paraded before him in the ton. And when he kisses Lily, an overwhelming lust is ignited--­one that begs to consume them beyond all control.

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