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A year ago, Neal Stephens thought he had lost everything, including his life. As a successful business man with a beautiful girlfriend on his arm and a perfect assistant who was his right hand, everything was as it should be. In one day, a secret that he had been harboring was revealed and his world came crashing down leaving only his personal assistant standing beside him as he rebuilt his life. Amana Hudgens boss is bent on showing her his gratitude for all her sacrifices she has made over the last year. Two years ago she lost her husband and her dreams of having a family. Now, her handsome boss insists on taking her out and offering her whatever she wants. However, there is only one thing that the widow wants, a baby. Amana needs him to get the companys health insurance amended, but Neal has plans of his own. When a one night stand exposes more than either of them could conceive, how will their relationship survive

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It is said that time heals all wounds, but can it give you the love of your life?

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Product DescriptionDelilah Reynolds is days away from winning the contract of a lifetime with Torres Corporation. To set her mind at ease her best friend suggests she accompany her to a risqué weekend get-­a-­way on Cat Island in the Bahamas. Delilah agrees and finds herself in the arms of a mysterious stranger and an erotic night she will never forget. Soon she discovers her interior design company has not only won the contract, but Roberto Sanchez, her mystery man has stepped back into her life wanting more. No matter how much his sexual demands makes her throw caution to the wind, can she trust what she is feeling?
Roberto became captivated by a woman he’d seen once from afar. However, arrival at a close friend’s passion-­filled weekend party and seeing the vivacious, auburn-­haired, black woman in person flips his world upside down. He’s always preferred to live his life in shadows, secluding himself from the world. After a night of ecstasy with Delilah, she draws him out and . . .

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