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Series : Book 5 of "Buchanan Brothers"
PRAISE FOR ALEXX ANDRIA: "After reading just one of her stories, you'll find yourself wondering where Alexx Andria has been all your life.­" -- Kelly Haven, best-­selling author of the Diary of a Nympho and Barely Legal Babysitters series AMAZON US TOP 100 EROTICA BEST-­SELLING AUTHOR! An erotic romance told in six short story installments between a curvaceous accountant who is caught between three distinctly Alpha brothers in a dangerous game set against the backdrop of the ultra-­rich. THREE RICH AND POWERFUL MEN, ONE BEAUTIFUL, CURVY WOMAN THE STING OF BETRAYAL KILLS AS IT WOUNDS... Penny McDaniel had no idea that when she took the job as an accountant with the Buchanan brothers that the sexy billionaire entrepreneurs had a thing for curvy girls but when they make her an offer she can't possibly refuse, she learns just how hot they are for her soft, sweet body. But when the black sheep of the family, Dillon Buchanan, manages to breach . . .

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Nolan Buchanan, one of three billionaire brothers, is the cool head with a charming smile but he’s about to have his world tipped upside down. He’s used to getting what he wants and making no apologies but Nolan Buchanan will soon discover that what is most precious in life…cannot be bought. Find out how the next Buchanan billionaire is brought to his knees in this sequel to the best-­selling series,, by erotic romance author Alexx Andria.

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When Caroline agreed to be the particular Mr. Grogan's personal maid, she had no idea just how personal things would get between them but she soon learned that Mr. Grogan's particular tastes were just a bit kinky — and she liked it. Now, she's his personal milk maid, always ready at his beck and call, but is she ready for what Mr. Grogan wants now?

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Kayla Swanson doesn't believe in ghosts so when she sinks her entire savings into an old Victorian house in the hopes of restoring it for business, she's more focused on the here and now than the salacious and brutal history of the original owner, Archibald Blackstone. Kayla and her younger sister, Lola, are two of the hottest new interior decorators in the Bay Area and they're determined to turn their fledgling business into a household name. But first, Kayla has her work cut out for her restoring the Victorian to its former glory. When odd occurrences start stacking up, ones she can't explain away, Kayla starts to question her sanity. When the dreams start, dreams that leave her panting and moaning, she doesn't know what to think anymore. Kayla doesn't buy into the hocus-­pocus, woo-­woo stuff but there's something about her house...­even if she's not ready to admit it. Archibald Blackstone has waited decades for the right woman to come along, someone worth parting the veil for . . .

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