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Landry James goes undercover with new operative Liam O'Connor to infiltrate an ultra secretive human trafficking ring and it's one adventure she might not make it out alive! There's plenty of kinky action to get your blood pumping in this fourth installment of the Landry James adventure series. This sexy short story (approx. 5,­600 words) is intended for mature readers only.

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Landry James meets her new partner, Killion McClane and learns a few things about her new job, such as being ready to do whatever it takes to get the job done, whether it's a woman or a man. This is a sexually explicit short story of approximately 6,­000 words featuring f/f situations.

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Layla is set to study college courses abroad when she's introduced to an obscenely wealthy sheik who has paid for the privilege of being the first man between her legs.  SHE MUST ADAPT TO SURVIVE... Layla finds herself among a harem of pampered slaves but refuses to yield to the man who makes her shake and quiver, but more importantly, makes her question who she truly is and wants. BUT SHE NEVER EXPECTS TO DISCOVER EXPLICIT PLEASURE. Layla must decide if her path lies with her old life...­or her new life as the sheik's newest, coveted pleasure girl. *** This 12,­000 word story, formerly titled, SOLD TO THE SHEIK, is intended for mature readers only. All characters are 18 years or older. ***

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Billionaire bad boy Boston Kincaid is ruthless when comes to getting what he wants - and from the minute he sees sweet Julianna Holly, he wants her in his bed -- no matter the cost. Boston is the kind of guy who doesn't accept failand he'll use just about anything as leverage. When he discovers Julianna's weak spot, he exploits it for his own debauched end — but he never plans on falling in love.

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Landry James is one naughty girl who can't be controlled by her husband — or anyone — until she meets up with a mysterious man who offers her the opportunity to put her particular skill-­set to work. Join Landry on her various sexcapades as she romps her way through various adventures — clothing optional! This is a short story of 7,­000 words.

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How do you resist the perfect guy?
You don't
Journalist Lauren Hughes needs her job. And if that means writing a feature on Nico Donato—­billionaire playboy and primo fantasy material for every straight woman with a pulse—­so be it. All she has to do is not be charmed by him. Or tempted. Or invite this sexy, too-­hot-­to-­be-­true man into her real world...­especially when he has the power to destroy it.
"Dare is Harlequin's hottest line yet. Every book should come with a free fan. I dare you to try them!­"
—­Tiffany Reisz, international bestselling author

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Sometimes the person you believe you are, is nowhere close to the person lurking inside, waiting for that moment to emerge. Natalie discovers her true nature when sold against her will to a man who can buy whatever he wants: including her body. Somewhere between anguish and misery, she finally yields and discovers there is no greater glory than being owned by her devilishly handsome and obscenely wealthy Master. *** This 7,­100 word short story is intended for mature readers. If you're not at least 18 years of age, please find something else to read.

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