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Series : Book 1 of "Works Like Magick"
"As owner of the Works Like Magick Employment Agency in Salem, Massachusestts, Vivica Quinlan has a gift for perfectly matching clients with magical temps that work like a charm every time... McKenna Greylock contacts Vivica in desperate need of a jack-­of-­all-­trades handyman to help repair her Victorian bed-­and-­breakfast. She has a shoestring budget and ninety days to meet the building inspector's approval--­or the house will be repossessed and purchased by a duplicitous developer. To McKenna's surprise, Vivica sends the gorgeous Bastian Dragonelli, who not only possesses the speed, strength, and agility to get the job done, but also sets her soul ablaze with a fiery passion she's never experienced before. And if McKenna can accept Bastian's true nature--­as a dragon warrior--­she'll find her life heating up in more ways than one...­"--­p. [4] of cover.

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Series : Book 2 of "Psychic Triplet Witches"
The Cartwright triplets use their magic for good and their good looks for seduction. When beautiful bad girl Storm Cartwright hears the sound of a baby crying every time sheÂ's near Aiden McCloud, she turns on the charm. Because sheÂ's sure it means a child is in need—and that the handsome antiques restorer is the key to finding it. And when she lures Aiden into her seductive trap and kidnaps him, something magical happens between them.

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Series : Book 3 of "Psychic Triplet Witches"
"Three's a charm, and the third Cartwright sister, Destiny, is certainly not lacking. However, she is troubled by her attraction to paranormal debunker Morgan Jarvis. Destiny opts out of a week in his company, hoping that a meditative stay alone at her sister's lighthouse will shed some light on her contrary feelings and her psychic gifts. Unbeknownst to Destiny, her sly sister also left keys with the unsuspecting Morgan. Late one night, they literally stumble upon each other, and the lighthouse's ghostly inhabitants. Destiny and Morgan have nothing in common other than the one bed they share and some crazy physical attraction. Raising the dead might be easier than trying to make these two opposites work together, but Destiny has experience, and love, and her side...­"--­P. [4] of cover.

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Series : Book 1 of "Psychic Triplet Witches"
Introducing the Cartwright sisters-­Harmony, Destiny and Storm-­triplets and unstoppable seductresses. Harmony, the buyer for her sisters' vintage curio shop, can read objects and learn of their former owners. Now, a Celtic ring leads her to a castle on the coast of Massachusetts. King Paxton's money-­pit is cursed, and he hopes that this leggy blonde can help him find peace with an angry ghost, a disgruntled renovation crew-­and his own heart.

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UNFORGETTABLE ROGUE, The Rogues Club Two. Beauty and the beast trade places. After being reported dead, handsome as sin Bryceson Wakefield, Duke of Hawksworth, returns home scarred and beaten by war, only to find his hoyden of a wife blossomed into a beauty and set to wed another. Can Beauty seduce her unforgettable Beast? Will he ever consider himself worthy?

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An enchanting new novel from a national bestselling sensation At the Works Like Magick employment Agency in Salem, Massachusetts, matching clients in need with magical temps is a piece of cake, especially since sexy Chance Gordricson also happens to be heaven-­sent. He's Kenya Saint-­Denis's guardian angel. And when he's hired to keep an eye on her and the two surrogate children she's become saddled with, he just might fall prey to temptation.

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Ashford Blackburne, Fifth Earl of Blackburne, does not care where he marries and plants his seed, so long as he does both before Christmas when his tyrannical grandfather’s archaic ultimatum runs out. Jilted, drunk, and challenged to a high-­stakes poker game, Ash loses the game, but wins the consolation prize: a guttersnipe bride and a wedding at gunpoint.

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Maddie’s love of classic fashion has made her Vintage Magic boutique a success—even if the visions she experiences when touching certain items often lead her into trouble. Decades ago, at a Mystic Country Club costume ball, a secret scavenger hunt ended in an unexplained death, hastily concealed. Now, Maddie's invited to participate in a similar anniversary event: but one touch of the vintage petticoat used to hide evidence of the original crime hurtles Maddie into a scavenger hunt of her own. She must find missing petticoat pieces and re-­stitch the clues it reveals...­to expose a killer!

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Madeira Cutler loves her Vintage Magic boutique, but the 'visions' she gets from the garments can be hard to handle, especially when she knows the owner. At first she's thrilled to receive a package containing the beautifully bejeweled dress she designed for actress and old friend Dominique Delong while in fashion school. But the dress comes with a disturbing message from Dominique, who it seems took her last bow under very mysterious circumstances.

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Series : Book 2 of "Accidental Witch Trilogy"

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