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What happens when you tell a little white lie Will it blossom into something bigger or will the result ruin any chance they have at true love Tahnee Madison was not living a perfect life. While she has a good life, it is far from perfect. She was not skinny, had just turned thirty, even lost her fianc to her own sister. Nope, life was far from perfect. Sitting on the bus, Jake Hutton just about fell over. A woman passed that made his mouth go dry while his hands begin to sweat. She was a delicious package dipped in cocoa, covered by clothing that made him itch to get beneath it. Luck was on his side as he found his way into his mysterious woman's coffee shop. He overheard her describing her upcoming weekend to a coworker. The second she asked her friend for a handsome man, to borrow for the weekend, Jake knew what he had to do. Deciding to take a risk on a little white lie, he showed up that very evening to stake his claim on Tahnee. She agrees to go along with the charade this . . .

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©Copyright Aliyah Burke 2013
Cover Art by Posh Gosh ©Copyright 2013
Total-­E-­Bound Publishing All rights reserved
ISBN# 978-­1-­78184-­265-­2

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A man whose wedding day was destroyed by betrayal meets a woman from his past who begins to renew his belief in true love and with her in his life, he may be willing to try that step once again.

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Piers Cuyper wants London Rhymes and he's a man who gets what he wants. She doesn't date when it interferes with work and this would be a large interference. Can Piers convince her otherwise?

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Kendria is used to a different world than one gets in the small town of Cottonwood Falls, Georgia but finds herself falling not only for the town but the mechanic who makes her emotions race off the chart. Can Vance's quiet confidence help her find the bit she needs to confront her past allowing her to have a future?

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This book was part of the Scandalous Heroes Box Set.
The story is connected to the Megalodon Team series.
A wealthy playboy and a down-­to-­earth freelance photographer, will they ever see eye to eye?
Reeve Leighton has just met the one woman who isn’t the least bit impressed by his money. Affrica O’Shea can’t ignore how he turns her head but she has no use for a man who lives like he does. Reeve is used to getting what he wants. He wants her and not even her Navy SEAL brother—or his—will keep them apart.

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