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Captured, stripped bare, and brought before the barbarian king whose men she had the audacity to resist, eighteen-­year-­old Sariah can only assume she will be made his slave. But her conqueror has other plans for his beautiful, spirited captive, and Sariah will be much more than an ordinary slave. She will be his pet, trained to come when he calls, heed his every command, and please him in any way he demands.­Sariah does her best to remain proud and defiant, but the handsome, dominant warrior proves quite adept at teaching his pet obedience by means of his firm hand applied to her bare bottom. When she persists in her rebelliousness, Sariah quickly discovers that a mere spanking is far from the most humiliating punishment a naughty pet can face, and before long she has been fitted with a tail and put on display for the king and his men.­To her surprise, however, in spite of her circumstances Sariah soon finds herself craving her new master’s touch, and when he claims her fully his . . .

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When frustrated scholar Katherine Weaver takes a walk in the countryside and happens upon what she thinks is a friendly gathering of gypsies, she gets a great deal more than she bargained for. Notorious outlaw Idric takes an instant fancy to the naive young woman who firmly believes that all problems can be solved with logic and seems utterly unaware of anything below her neckline " or the effect it has on the opposite sex. Katherine is a young woman who desperately needs to be taken in hand before she hurts herself, and he's just the man to do it.

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is sick and tired of working both day and night shifts at her nursing job in
order to keep up with not only her own bills, but those of her wildly
irresponsible little brother as well. To make matters worse, when she has the
opportunity to interview with the tall, handsome new surgeon at St. Heaths, Dr.
Kirk Saunders, she is so stressed that she ends up treating him

that she has blown her opportunity, Tessa is shocked when the doctor escorts
her into his private office, bares her bottom, and gives her the first spanking
of her life. During the painful, embarrassing punishment, Kirk informs her that
if she is going to work under him, her insubordinate attitude isn’t going to be
tolerated and she will be expected to submit to his guidance, control, and

doctor’s firm hand and stern chastisement satisfy a deeply buried need that
Tessa has long sought to hide even from herself, and before she knows it she is
agreeing not only to work . . .

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Hannah Wuster has always been fascinated by the mysterious diary left by her great, great aunt before she disappeared over a hundred years ago, and at the age of nineteen she sets out for the remote corner of England where her distant relative was last seen. Upon reaching her destination, Hannah is overwhelmed by the rugged beauty and primal power of the place, and before she knows it she has had way too many drinks in a village pub. Lorcan Wallace has no patience for silly females out looking for adventure, and when a drunk American girl creates a disturbance in his local pub he takes matters into his own hands. Hannah is unceremoniously tossed over his shoulder and carried back to his nearby mansion to sleep off the alcohol before he teaches her a lesson she will never forget. Upon waking up, Hannah faces first a stern scolding and then a painful, humiliating bare-­bottom spanking from a darkly handsome giant of a man whose bold dominance sets her blood racing. The strict . . .

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