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A murder in aristocratic circles. The seventh mystery in Chief Detective-­Inspector Alleyn series.

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In the world of film, it’s known as a “meet cute.­” But?­for Inspector Roderick Alleyn and Miss Agatha Troy, it’s more like irritation: on the ship back to England, she finds him tedious and dull; he thinks she’s a bohemian cliché. They may be destined for romance, but there’s a murder in the way: No sooner has Alleyn settled in to his mother’s house, eager for a relaxing end to his vacation, than he gets a call that a model has been stabbed at the artists’ community down the road. And wouldn’t you know it: the artistic?­Miss Troy is one of the community’s most prominent and outspoken members.

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Series : Book 1 of "Inspector Alleyn"
It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Murdered. At Sir Hubert Handesley's country house party, five guests have gathered for the uproarious parlor game of "Murder.­" Yet no one is laughing when the lights come up on an actual corpse, the good-­looking and mysterious Charles Rankin. Scotland Yard's Inspector Roderick Alleyn arrives to find a complete collection of alibis, a missing butler, and an intricate puzzle of betrayal and sedition in the search for the key player in this deadly game.

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Sir Henry Ancred, the celebrated Shakespearian actor, wishes to have his portrait painted in the role of Macbeth by Agatha Troy, the famous artist. Amid a welter of practical jokes, Sir Henry dies and Chief Inspector Alleyn is called in to investigate.

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“The body” was discovered by Inspector Roderick Alleyn himself, old friend of the deceased, eighty-­three-­year-­old Miss Emily Pride. Miss Pride had been looking for trouble: the sole inheritor of a tiny island, site of a miraculous spring, she didn’t approve of the sudden flood of visitors in search of miracles. So she threatened to close the spring. And that brought her what she’d been looking for…

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It’s murder in the little English village, but the two local spinsters – Miss Campanula, who was shot by a gun hidden in a grand piano, and Miss Prentice, her friend who may have been the intended victim – are not exactly the beloved little old ladies of song and story. They were (and are) waspish, gossiping snobs, passionate only about their own narrowly defined religion and, perhaps, about the local vicar. Could they have been sufficiently unpleasant to provoke a murderer? Inspector Roderick Alleyn finds it difficult to imagine this, until he’s faced with the notion that the murderer was in fact provoked by Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in c-­sharp minor.

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The second book from Chief-­Detective Inspector Roderick Alleyn series.

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A cry of mourning, intolerably loud, rose from beyond the willows and hung on the night air. A thrush whirred out of the thicket close to her face, and the cry broke and wavered again. It was the howl of a dog. She pushed through the thicket into an opening by the river, and found the body of Colonel Carterette with his spaniel beside it, mourning him.

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Hyacinths… mad singing… Scattered pearls… and a strangled beauty every ten days… Inspector Alleyn believed the killer was on a sleek cruiser bound for South Africa. It was now the tenth day out, and everyone, including the famed Alleyn, felt the horror closing in…

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As particular about her horses as she was casual about her lovers, young Dulcie Harkness courted trouble — and found it in a lonely and dangerous jump. What will her death reveal? Young Roderick Alleyn (Ricky) is the object of special interest.

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