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WHAT SHOULD SHE DO? Christine had known Luke Curtis for years; he had been her friend and support since childhood. But Christine was changing, becoming a woman, and her relationship with Luke was changing, too. Suddenly he was asking more than she had ever expected. Should she follow her heart? Could she give Luke what he asked?

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In the ancient Greek legend, Hades, lord of the underworld, had carried off the beautiful Persephone to live in his dark kingdom for four months of every year.

And now Julie Veltrovers found herself a present-­day Persephone, meeting a fate that had been awaiting her for ten years -- ever since Doneus Lucien had been wronged by Julie's family and had vowed that one day, when Julie was old enough, he would bear her off to Greece as his wife, to live there for seven months of the year. That day had come, and rather than ruin her family's happiness, Julie was forced to submit to his plans.

But she had never foreseen that she would fall in love with this strange husband of hers -- a man that had only used her as an instrument of revenge . . .

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