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Jet must risk everything to foil a kidnapping that threatens a diplomat's daughter in the wilds of Africa.

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Fatal Exchange chronicles the story of Tess Gideon, a female Manhattan bike messenger with an appetite for the wild side, who becomes embroiled in a rogue nation's Byzantine scheme to destabilize the U.­S. financial system. From the sweltering streets of Seoul to the sex-­and-­drug-­driven underbelly of Greenwich Village, attempts at silencing a leak in an international counterfeiting operation leave a trail of butchery that leads inevitably to Wall Street, pitting a counter-­culture heroine against a ruthless state-­sponsored assassination team that will stop at nothing to achieve its lethal ends. As the body count climbs, Tess is assisted by a homicide detective tracking a brutal serial killer whose ritualistic cycle of murder and mutilation targeting bike messengers is escalating to fever pitch. Tess's battle to survive propels her into a deadly underworld where she must become judge & executioner, challenging her core beliefs about morality, justice & love. Fatal Exchange is a . . .

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JET VI - Justice continues the saga of the former Mossad operative as
she battles to survive in a world intent on destroying her. From the
streets of Argentina to the corridors of power in Moscow, her past
continues to haunt her even as she flees it with all her heart.

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Revenge of the Assassin is the breakneck-­paced sequel to the bestselling international thriller King of Swords. When El Rey, the super assassin responsible for Latin America's most spectacular hits, returns to Mexico for one final sanction, the race is on for Captain Romero Cruz of the Federales to stop him before he can fulfill his contract to kill the president. Revenge will delight fans of King of Swords, and offers the same gritty, unpredictable ride of thrills, twists and surprises before arriving at a conclusion that is sure to leave readers gasping.

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Code name: Jet
Twenty-­eight-­year-­old Jet was once the Mossad's most lethal operative before faking her own death and burying that identity forever.
But the past doesn't give up on its secrets easily.
When her new life on a tranquil island is shattered by a brutal attack, Jet must return to a clandestine existence of savagery and deception to save herself and those she loves. A gritty, unflinching roller-­coaster of high-­stakes twists and shocking turns, JET features a new breed of protagonist that breaks the mold.
Fans of Lizbeth Sanders, SALT, and the Bourne trilogy will find themselves carried along at Lamborghini speed to a conclusion as jarring and surprising as the story's heroine is unconventional.
Q & A w/ Russell Blake
Q: How would you describe JET?
Russell: The elevator pitch? Kill Bill meets Bourne. The longer version would be that JET follows the saga of a young woman who thought she had left a brutal covert life behind her, but finds herself having to go back . . .

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