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father, Charles Webber, had  been a real bastard all her life. And when her mom
died he’d told her that without Becky there to make him acknowledge CJ as his
daughter, he was finished with her and she was never to darken his door again.­Â 
 The slap that bloodied her mouth at her mom’s funeral had been more than enough
to make his point.  So she didn’t, not even to come home to his
Force wanted the property that the prick Webber owned.­Â  He wanted it for his
pack and the house for his mom to call hers. But Webber dying had him dancing a
jig and contacting the lawyer to make an offer.­Â  But finding that the man had a
daughter and that she was his mate had Austin at his wits end.
didn’t want to be impressed by her. He didn’t want to like her. He wanted her to
obey him, whelp a few pups so she wouldn’t be bored and run his house for him.­Â 
CJ wanted to do as she please which included maybe murdering the Alpha in his
sleep.­Â  . . .

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Kylie Washington’s business is failing and there isn’t much she can do about it. Short of living in her car and eating scraps for the rest of her life she has to take the Hunter’s offer. She has her father to think of, he made the paper what it was.­Curtis has loved Kylie his entire life—but she loves Daniel. Stepping back from the beauty has been the hardest thing he’s ever done. But he will help her and her father even if he has to beat her butt to make it happen.­But someone else wants the Washington building too. There is something inside that he wants bad enough to kill for—even his own father. Vaughan isn’t going to take ‘no’ for an answer and if Kylie does say it he had already decided to kill her and take it anyway.­Kylie and Curtis fight each other at every turn. When one says ‘no’ the other says ‘yes’. That is until Vaughan LaMancusa steps into the picture and they work together to keep their families safe. But will it be enough? Will they live happily ever after?

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Jade can’t seem to catch a break. Her last boyfriend was a looser who took her bank account for a joy ride leaving her with a heap of debt. Now, the flower shop where she works has been sold and more likely than not she’s going to have to find another job. Her life is in turmoil and having to go home and see her sisters happy with their new mates is almost more than she can stomach. Jade isn’t impressed with the handsome new owner, Quentin Witt. The man is too blind to see that that girlfriend of his isn’t nice to his little girl, and the little girl is terrified of the woman and her uncle. It is time to go, to move on and start over. Quentin can’t let that happen. There is something about Jade that sets his blood on fire---­they’re mates. He knows about her kind and that she’s a wolf. He has to stop her from leaving, but Jade has no time for boyfriends or mates. The last one took more than she had to give. Quentin’s brother is a wolf and his so-­called girlfriend, Debra, is his . . .

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