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The second book in the Aaron's Kiss series finds Colin Larimore being literally run down by his future mate. Mistakenly, he believes that the Fates have played a horrible trick on him to give him a mate that would sell her own children in order to feed a drug habit. Shade Doe is homeless and is a thief to survive. She doesn't want to be either, but without an address she can't get a job, without a job she can't afford to get an address. It's an endless cycle. When she befriends two small children and gets deeply entrenched into their troubled lives, she has to use her magic to try and save them.­Through a series of misconceptions and angry words, Colin and Shade come together with their magical abilities and blades to save each other and the children. But will it be enough?

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“Christ, love a dub, he was scrumptious!­” Grace thought to herself when the model walked in to do the cover of her catalog. But what she didn’t know immediately was that he was the wrong model. Grace is on a time crunch to get her Christmas catalog done on time and has to model her own clothing line. This was completely against what she wanted to do but had no choice.
Michael Cunningham wants the Washington building from G.­A. Waite and he is going to get it from him. Him? It wasn’t going to happen since G.­A. Waite is actually Grace Anne Waite, a female that has owned the building for a good 10 years now. But being a Waite, good luck in trying.
Grace Anne is a designer and lives in the building. Michael wants more than just the building, he wants Grace as well. When he’s with her and she receives a threatening phone call, he’s going to change things so she is safe. Grace doesn’t want Michael or his son, Trace in danger since the caller has now threatened them as well. They are . . .

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What would you do if everything you worked hard for was taken away from you suddenly?
Megan Reed had studied for 9 years to become a doctor and was only waiting on the exam results when her friend, Alfred Deveron changed her fate that day. He didn’t look right, actually he looked dead. He approached her needing to feed and that would change everything as she knew it. He had changed her and now he was gone leaving her the desire and urge for fresh blood to feed from.
Megan felt as if she were a monster and would never be able to become the doctor she wanted so badly to be. But while working with Thomas Reilly at the clinic, he knew she was more than a janitor and with a little coaxing, she was going to be a doctor. If she wasn’t living in the trunk of her car, she was staying at a cave.
Beau Desjardin was going to visit his long-­time friend Kyle and his wife Maddy. He was once a master and had retired with honor among his kind. It was time for him to move on. While going to the . . .

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“You either
go to this appointment or so help me I’ll make your life a living hell.­”  Madison Harm glared at her boss.  She didn’t want to go, but short of him
adding more time onto her contract there was little she could do about it.  Little did she know that on the way there
she’d run into her destiny.
Kyle Dixon, a
very old and powerful vampire is walking along minding his own business when all
of the sudden he is being run down by a car. 
The woman who gets out to help him is a tad odd and she talks to
herself.  When she claims to have an
appointment with his good friend Aaron, he decided to come along for the
Maddy doesn’t
believe in vampires, she doesn’t believe in much of anything really. So when she
find out that she herself is something much more, she takes a few days to get
used to the idea.  Kyle however wants her
Morrigan the
queen of all faires has been waiting for Maddy for millenniums.  And now that she was found, another, a being
so evil . . .

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