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Harrison, Mac to his family and friends, has a good thing going. He has a brand
new home, a successful business, and is truly happy with the direction his life
is heading.


Collins can’t seem to catch a break. The last time she’d encountered her
father, she’d ended up in the hospital. Now, Stormy Harrison, is giving her a
break and helping her get back on her feet. So when this big handsome man tells
her that she’s his mate she’s scared to death.


Mate. She’d heard the
term before. And what it meant. She would belong to him. Not just him, but
whoever he wanted to sell her to. Andi reached for the door handle, thinking
that rolling from a moving car would be better than being passed around like a
napkin at a banquet hall.


“Don’t do that.­” He
reached for her hand just as she touched the handle. “Please, just listen to me
and I’ll explain.­”


“I don’t need you to
explain. I know what mate means. My friends at school, they told me what
happens when you become . . .

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Nolan finally had a
practice of his own, and soon his brother Burke would be leaving the hospital
and joining him. Now, if the rest of the family would mind their own business,
Nolan would be much happier…or not. He was sulking over his dilemma when his nurse
told him he had a patient, a hurt kid who wasn’t doing much talking.


nearly collapsed with worry when she found out her nephew had been hurt. She
wasn’t sure if she was cut out to be a parent. She loved her nephew, Shane,
dearly and had taken on his care when her sister died, but how she’d missed the
warning signs was beyond her. He was being bullied at school daily and she knew
nothing about it until he’d been cut with a knife.

“I didn’t know.­” Her
entire body sagged at her confession. “He said he had it handled. And I thought
he did. It’s my fault he’s beaten up like this. I should have…I’m not any good
at this parenting thing.­”


Nolan reached for her
just as Shane moved on the bed. He wasn’t sure what . . .

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Noelle was in somewhat of a pickle. She had researched the Calhoun firm―Elijah Calhoun in particular―before she made the appointment, but she was having second and third thoughts about hiring the firm after she got there. All her research indicated she could trust them, but big men scared the hell out of her, and the place was full of them.
Elijah had been running a tad late for work, so his brother Trent took his first appointment. Elijah never dreamed that the woman he had an appointment with was his future mate…and she needed his protection.
Noelle’s stepfather wasn’t their only problem. Elijah’s brother Sterling’s nightmares had gotten worse and somehow the creature that had marked him was controlling his actions as well…no one was safe….

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A new mate is a handful enough, but when an old lover, one he’d condemned to the ground for eternity resurfaces, is anyone safe? Velvet December has sworn revenge on Stephan, but what will she do when she discovers he has a new mate?

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