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She has the power to change everything... Rafaele Falcone runs his luxury auto empire and private life with the same ice-­cold ruthlessness. Emotions play no part in his decisions, and he always demands the best, so he doesn't hesitate to ask brilliant engineer Samantha Rourke to join his company--­even though he walked away from her years before. That sexy Italian accent still sends shivers down her spine, but gutsy Sam knows it's not just about her impossible desire to feel his hands on her body once again. Because Falcone is about to discover her deepest secret--­one that will send his world into a spin!

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Step behind the hotel room doors of The Chatsfield, London…Salim Segal has turned his back on his legionnaire soldier life and made a new one for himself as an international actor. He’s seen much in his life, but nothing that captures him like the beauty of Natalja Jordan. Now he has one night at The Chatsfield to convince her that, despite the pains of the past, they might just have a future worth fighting for.

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Let the games begin! The seat-­belt sign hasn't even switched off before the chemistry is mile-­high between airline CEO Alexio Christakos and Sidonie Fitzgerald! Accustomed to brief encounters with aloof socialites, her unaffected innocence has him hooked and determined to enjoy a night of pleasure in her arms. Sidonie is meant to be sorting out her life, not starting an affair with a Greek tycoon! But Alexio is the ultimate distraction...­until he learns of her strained finances and, to her horror, accuses her of wanting more than just his body! But Sidonie's innocence masks a backbone of steel, and she won't take his accusation lying down....

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The huge imposing castle and the barren terrain of Merkazad are a far cry from the modest farm and the emerald fields that horsewoman Iseult calls home. Or used to, until Sheikh Nadim bought her family's stud farm. As part of the deal, she must work at his royal stables….­Nadim enrages Iseult…but he also inspires a more unwelcome, unfamiliar feeling: desire. Drawn into Nadim's sensual world, Iseult feels like a beautiful, confident woman for the first time.­But she must remember the sheikh's cast-­iron rule….

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>em>Some guys know just what a girl needs...­Fresh off a brutal breakup--­with a guy who was running for the World's Biggest Liar?­"Ashling Sullivan has returned to New York City to start over. Priority number one is getting her new business started with her BFF, Jenna. Hence their strict no-­guys pact. No dating, no sex, no exceptions! Until temptation walks into her brother's bar in the form of a really, really hot guy!­She must resist. She will resist. Except that Johnny Ryan, with his cool, edgy but brooding attitude (what is it with this guy?­) and his so, so strong carpenter's hands, is six-­foot-­three inches of ripped, Irish sexiness that turns Ash into a puddle of lust in about half a second. Worse yet, he offers her a deal that she can't refuse--­a down 'n' dirty and wickedly hot two-­week fling. Just one last ride before she gets down to business. No one will know! Ash is definitely not thinking with her head...

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The clipping of the innocent’s wings... The tango is an Argentinian dance of passion and possession...­and that’s exactly how aristocrat Rafael Romero intends his convenient marriage to teacher Isobel will be. First he will take her as his bride. Then he’ll lead her to the marriage bed, where he’ll make her his. Isobel may have no choice but to give her hand to Rafael in matrimony, but she intends to stay as free as a bird...­not anticipating that her new husband will keep her caged once he discovers he’s wed a virgin...

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"Much as I hate to admit it, you might just be worth paying an astronomical amount of money to bed.­"
Siena DePiero might have blue blood in her veins, but she's never coveted her family's champagne lifestyle—it's only ever brought her misery. When the family bubble bursts, they are left destitute and Siena's only tradable asset is her virginity….
Andreas Xenakis has waited years to get his revenge and he'll willingly pay to have Siena in his bed and at his mercy. But after just one night together everything Andreas once believed about poor little rich girl Siena is shattered….
About the AuthorAbby Green worked for twelve years in the film industry. The glamour of four a.­m. starts, dealing with precious egos, the mucky fields, driving rain...­all became too much. After stumbling across a guide to writing romance, she took it as a sign and saw her way out, capitalising on her long-­time love for romance books. Now she is very happy to sit in her nice warm house while others are out . . .

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