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Caitlin Ryan has never had an orgasm-­and she wants one! So does she(1) Date lots of Mr. Nice-­but-­Wrongs and keep faking and hoping?­(2) Do a little DIY with a battery-­operated friend and a lot of imagination?­(3) Go to NYC and have a wild night with a totally hot stranger?­When (1) and (2) don't work, Caitlin goes for (3). But even with motorbike-­riding sex god Liam, old habits die hard, and yet again she has to fake it. Only he notices-­and is not happy! Could things get any worse? Well, yes, when Liam becomes her new boss. But when Caitlin reveals that she's never climaxed, Liam rises to the challenge, offering a weekend of hot sex with the only goal her pleasure. Will letting him take control work? Caitlin can't resist finding out….

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Rocco de Marco. Legendary financier and billionaire. The most important man in the room. And he'd just witnessed her filching canapés from the buffet… If waitress Gracie O'Brien's first meeting with Rocco is memorable, the second is unforgettable. For when he finds her breaking in to his office he doesn't believe her innocence—so he'll keep her close until he finds the truth. Yet it's impossible for Rocco to stay angry with the sparky redhead—she's making him feel emotions he thought he'd buried forever. And the sexual tension between them is reaching explosion point….

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His Inconvenient Queen Chosen as the Sultans bride, Samia has no option but to go ahead with the marriage. And, as her new husband slowly peels away her bejewelled wedding finery, despite her best intentions she finds her inhibitions swept away. Sadiq is surprised by his new brides passionate nature! He chose her as a shy, biddable wife who will not make any demands on his time. Now he finds Samia to be anything but Instead shes determined, demanding and defiant!

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When one night with playboy Rico Christofides leaves her pregnant, Gypsy Butler is determined to spare her unborn baby the heartache of her own neglectful childhood. But a shock meeting is about to change her plans…. Rico has never forgotten—or forgiven—the one woman who managed to smash through his cast-­iron defenses. Now he's discovered he's a father, nothing will stop him from claiming his child…even if unwilling Gypsy craves her freedom!

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