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A dashing hero, with an equally dashing rival, and a swordfight that will take readers' breath away.

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"Pungent dialogue and A1 characterization.­"
-­Time magazine"Ms. Heyer is one of the most entertaining writers I have ever read.­"
-­Reading Extravaganza"Miss Heyer has the delightful talent of blending humor with mystery.­"
-­Boston Evening TranscriptAn elegant card party turns deadly...­Inspector Hemingway has his work cut out for him when a seemingly civilized game of Duplicate Bridge leads to a double murder. The crimes seem identical, but were they carried out by the same hand? Things become even more complicated when the fiancée of the inspector's young friend Timothy Kane becomes Hemingway's prime suspect. Kane is determined to prove the lady's innocence-­but when he begins digging into her past, he finds it's more than a little bit shady...­"Ranks alongside such incomparable whodunit authors as Christie, Marsh, Tey, and Allingham.­"
-­San Francisco Chronicle"The wittiest of detective story writers.­"
-­Daily MailAbout the AuthorThe late Georgette Heyer was a very private woman. Her . . .

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"Witty...­a cheerful extravaganza.­" -­The New Yorker His exploits were legendary... Captain John Staple, back from the battlefront, is already bored with his quiet civilian life in the country. When he stumbles upon a mystery involving a disappearing toll-­gate keeper, nothing could keep the adventure-­loving captain from investigating. But winning her will be his greatest yet... The plot thickens when John encounters the enigmatic Lady Nell Stornaway and soon learns that rescuing her from her unsavory relatives makes even the most ferocious cavalry charge look like a particularly tame hand of loo. Between hiding his true identity from Nell and the arrival in the neighborhood of some distinctly shady characters, Captain Staple finds himself embarked on the adventure-­and romance-­of a lifetime. "Spritely and good fun.­"-­New York Herald Tribune "Once again Georgette Heyer has directed her comic genius along the fictional highway of early nineteenth-­century England, but this . . .

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Series : Book 3 of "Alastairs"
Sequel to "These Old Shades" and "Devil's cub", this brilliantly researched novel follows Barbara, the granddaughter of Dominic and Mary, the son and daughter-­in-­law of the duke of Avon from the two aforesaid novels.

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One of readers', librarians' and booksellers' most frequently requested Heyers, The Foundling features Gilly, the seventh Duke of Sale.

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"Sparkling ... The stories run the gamut from cloak-­and-­dagger to whimsical-­comedy.­" -­Best Sellers "A delightful assortment.­" -­Library Journal Intrigue,­elegance,­and glittering romance... In eleven charming short stories, the Queen of Regency romance presents an exquisite romp through affairs of honor and affairs of the heart. Featuring rakes and rascals, orphans and heirs, beauties and their beaus, the legendary Georgette Heyer's signature wit and inimitable style bring the Regency world dazzlingly alive. WHAT READERS ARE SAYING: "These stories have the real feel-­good factorlike curling up with a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of wine on a cold winter's day. Bliss!­" "Such fun...­Each story works brilliantly on its own.­" "A wonderful book to dip into or read right through.­" GEORGETTE HEYER wrote over fifty novels, including Regency romances, mysteries, and historical fiction. She was known as the Queen of Regency romance, and was legendary for her research, historical accuracy, . . .

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John, Duke of Bedford, grew to manhood fighting for his father, King Henry IV of England, on the wild and lawless Northern Marches. He was a prince of the royal blood, loyal, strong, and the greatest ally that his brother-­the future Henry V-­was to have. Filled with the clash of bitter rivalries and deadly power struggles, this is Georgette Heyer's last and most ambitious novel, bringing to life a character and a period she found irresistibly attractive. "Wonderful characters, elegant, witty writing, perfect period detail, and rapturously romantic. Georgette Heyer achieves what the rest of us only aspire to.­" "The real charm of the story lies in the vivid portrayal of life in the Middle Ages, the dominance of the church and the character of John whose responsibilities seem heavy for his years. Childhood was short, apparently, in those long-­ago times. And Miss Heyer's use of words and expressions is fascinating, a constant reminder of the period and how language changes.­" "Miss . . .

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