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On the outside Gina Tyson seemed to have the perfect marriage &#151 but inside she ached with frustration at the distance Reid had placed between them. So Gina decided to challenge her husband&#151and was shocked by what she heard. She had to do something to show him just how much she really desired him&#151had always desired him. But she'd have to act fast if she didn't want to lose him to another woman!

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Marriage -- for possession...­or passion?
Luciano Peretti may still be the handsome and hot-­blooded man she fell for six years ago, but now Skye wants nothing to do with him! She can't forget Luc's rejection of her then, or how she refused his wicked family when they tried to bribe her to end her pregnancy. Since then, she's raised her son single-­handedly -- poverty-­stricken but proud.
But Luc is determined to take back the bride and the child who were stolen from him -- and there's one quick and effective way to do it: marriage!

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The moment Nick Armstrong saw Barbie Lamb, he had to have her. She was the sexiest woman he'd ever met! Completely forgotten was the teenage Barbie whose youthful crush he'd rejected years ago.... For Barbie, the sweetest revenge was to make Nick want her-­then cut him dead! Only, he didn't seem to remember her, and his desire sparked the realization of how deeply she still wanted him. Their passion was all-­consuming-­but what would happen when they finally confronted the truth about their past?

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Magazines regularly devote gossip column inches to Greek magnate Ari Zavros, and the new supermodel gracing his arm—and his bed—each week.­Tina Savalas is nothing like Ari's usual playmates, but this ordinary girl hides the most scandalous secret of all: four years ago her passionate fling with Ari left her pregnant….­Her bombshell revealed, Ari can see only one solution—the innocent Tina is perfect for the role of Good Greek Wife…and it seems marriage into the Zavros family isn't a choice—it's a command!

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Surprise father!­Nina in a maternity hospital? Jack Gulliver was in shock! This was the woman who had walked out on him eight months ago. Eight months! Could she have had his baby? He still missed and wanted Nina—with a passion—and now was his chance to get her back. Sure, he'd argued against having children, but he could change. Jack knew Nina was wary. She thought one cry from baby Charlotte would have him running for the door. But just how much trouble could one small baby be?

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