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Even the Bellona Club’s most devoted members would never call it lively. Its atmosphere is that of a morgue—or, at best, a funeral parlor—and on Armistice Day the gloom is only heightened. Veterans of the Great War gather at the Bellona not to hash over old victories, but to stare into their whiskies and complain about old injuries, shrinking pensions, and the lingering effects of shell shock. Though he acts jolly, Lord Peter Wimsey finds the holiday grim. And this Armistice Day, death has come to join the festivities. The aged General Fentiman—a hero of the Crimean War—expires sitting up in his favorite chair. Across town, his sister dies on the same day, throwing the General’s half-­million-­pound inheritance into turmoil. As the nation celebrates and suspicions run riot, Lord Peter must discover what kind of soldier would have the nerve to murder a general. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Dorothy L. Sayers including rare images from the Marion E. Wade Center at . . .

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Series : Book 14 of "Lord Peter Wimsey" Lord Peter Wimsey tracks down killers in this vintage collection of crime stories by Dorothy L. Sayers.

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Lord Peter Wimsey takes up employment as a copywriter for an advertising agency in order to discover more about the recent mysterious death of one of the employees. In the process he discovers much of the convoluted private lives of the other employees, as well as getting a feel for what it is like to work for a living. Eventually he traces a connection to a drug-­smuggling operation, which he proceeds to infiltrate and uncover. Wimsey makes the connection between the drug-­smugglers and the employee who has become their tool and has responded to a blackmail threat with murder.

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